Beautiful. Stunning. Glorious. Overlooking the pristine white sandy beach, a 3-bedroom luxury estate stands proudly. Elegantly poised over the blessings of the tropical sanctuary, the Caroline Astor Estate Maldives at St Regis Maldives truly redefines the term luxury. Yes, it’s no surprise that the Astor Estates transcends luxury. However, to be complemented by the bountiful surroundings of the Maldives is simply other-worldly. Engage in a blissful holiday in the private tropical isle of St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. Where the days are bright and sunny, and the nights, filled with unforgettable memories.

Caroline Astor Estate Maldives – Arrive in the royalty of a luxury yacht

You are greeted with luxury even before your journey at the Estate begins. An everlasting impression is not only important during your stay at the luxury property, but before you set foot on it as well. The moment you step on to the timeless surroundings of the Maldives, you get exclusive privileges as you are escorted like royalty in the luxury of the Azimut Flybridge 66 yacht. A befitting start that teases a glimpse of the glory that awaits you at the Caroline Astor Estate at St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort.

A befitting home for the Caroline Astor Estate

The 5-star luxury resort St. Regis Maldives Vommuli is nestled in a lush tropical isle set in the immaculate surrounding of the Dhaalu Atoll. Pristine and unique, the waters filled with vibrant corals are teeming with marine life. The bright turquoise lagoon overlaps the deep blues of the ocean, complementing the light hues of the sky. The sandy palm-fringed beach of the resort is white as snow and soft like powder. Highly praised by tourists around the world, it’s the perfect home for a majestic estate such as the Caroline Astor.

Book Caroline Astor Estate Maldives for the ideal tropical vacation experience for family and friends

The Caroline Astor Estate houses 3 spacious bedrooms, a stunning dining area, a 620 sqm living space, and a gorgeous terrace that utilizes the tropical atmosphere of the pristine private island. Set on the iconic beach of the Maldives isle, the ample surroundings of the Caroline estate accommodates 5 adults along with 4 children. The perfect setting for a memorable family vacation or a getaway with friends.

Of course, what makes this haven worthwhile is not just the high-class luxury that the property provides. No. The priceless moments that harmonizes with the unparalleled luxury creates awe-inspiring moments. Moments that embeds into your soul, leaving you longing for more. Guests that were fortunate enough to reside in the Caroline Astor Estate for weeks weren’t satisfied to their heart content. And how could they be? Leaving a sanctuary that satisfies the craving of a tropical escape beyond the wildest dreams seemed like a nightmare. Such is an experience of an Astor estate in the Maldives.

Truly a “Tropical-Esque” experience

No amount of words and expressions truly describes how majestic the experience of the Caroline Astor Estate in the Maldives truly is. The only justification the property deserves is for you to experience it first hand. Nonetheless, for those of you keen on setting your holiday plans to this haven in the Maldives, let us attempt to portray the wonders of this piece of architecture in words.

We’ll start with one of the highlights of the Caroline Estate. The spacious terrace overlooking the glistening sandy beach of St. Regis Vommuli. A 67 sqm private pool acts as the heart of the spacious terrace. Complimenting the pool is plush day beds and sun loungers for you to laze in. The terrace provides an emphasis on the image of a tropical getaway. Bask under the gleaming sun as you lay on the sun loungers. Perhaps you prefer to tackle the hot, humid climate by dipping in a pool with a drink in your hand. Be one with your surroundings, indulge in the gorgeous settings, and pamper in luxury.

Living spaces

Adjoined by floor to ceiling glass doors opens up the terrace to the ample living area of the Caroline Estate. The plush furnishings on the light wooden floors truly contrasts the ambient lighting. Open and contemporary, the interiors of the property portray warm tones that create an inviting atmosphere. For modern entertainment, a-state-of-the-art Bose surrounds system enhances the wonders seen on the 55-inc Bang & Olufsen LCD Television. Settling in and making yourselves home to the luxury of the caroline estate is an effortless process. Possible only by the brilliant designs and atmosphere perfected by Caroline Astor Estate in the Maldives.St Regis Maldives caroline Astor Estate Maldives Living Room

The dining area is yet another shining example of this commendable quality that the Estate manages to accomplish so effortlessly. The show kitchen featured makes hosting easy. The dining table seats six people at once, allowing you to engage in memorable moments with your loved one. The chandelier that overhangs along with the sumptuous feasts truly lets you dine like royalty.

What truly elevates delightful and memorable experiences that the bountiful living spaces of the Caroline Estate provide is the astonishing views that surround you. Blissful, timeless, its moments like these that make this Maldives luxury Astor estate the best in the world.

Wake up, pamper, and slumber

As you spend the rest of your worry-less days in the heart of luxury, the place where you first wake up at and go to sleep defines your overall experience. The bedroom of the Estate.

St Regis Maldives - Caroline Astor Estate Maldives Master BedroomThe ground floor of the Caroline Astor estate perched in the white sandy beaches of Maldives houses two bedrooms. Each bedroom features a twin-size signature St. Regis bed designed to put you in a deep slumber. A 55-inch LCD TV enables you to indulge in your favorite shows. Through the extended glass doors providing an unobstructed view of the stunning beachside, you can step into the comforts of your deck anytime you desire.

Set atop the second floor is the master bedroom providing a stunning vista that elevates beyond the typical postcards and pictures. The wooden floor and the warm tones of the master bedroom provide perfect contrast from the outside view. The furnished balcony lets you laze under the stary night sky. Similarly to the other rooms, a 55-inch LCD TV for entertainment with the addition of a king-size St. Regis bed is featured in the room. The artwork hung on the walls truly comes to life when the ambient lighting shines on it. The master bedroom lets you indulge in prosperity, blessing you with the utmost peace and tranquility.

The attention and the dedication poured in the Coraline Astor Estate is reflected in every inch of the prestigious villa. An outstanding example of the care that was put can be seen in the bathrooms as well. An aspect often overlooked in other villas. Marble double vanities feature a 20-inch mirror embedded with an LCD TV. The azure views of the horizon act as the ultimate backdrop while you pamper yourself in the spacious bathtub. Hidden in an enclosed barrier of glass lies a rain forest shower. Extended to the private deck is an outdoor shower with double showerheads. To complete the bathroom is a walk-in closet that elevates the feeling of luxury provided by the Estate.

Luxury complemented by unparalleled service

St Regis Maldives caroline Astor Estate Maldives KitchenAlong with unparalleled luxury, exceptional service is a must to complete any holiday experience. St Regis Maldives Vommuli executes this statement flawlessly. Known for their outstanding service, which is second to none, the diligent staff of the resort is fluent in multiple languages. French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and German is some of the few examples of the languages spoken by the staff. The extensive diversity of dialects means a smooth transition to several guests all around the globe.

But the most notable service provided for the residence of Caroline Astor Estate would be the private butler service available through day and night. Your blissful getaway becomes a seamless experience with the diligent butler ready to attend every request that you have.

St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

The Caroline Astor Estate is hidden among the lush garden and surrounded by palm trees. The luxury and privacy provided by this Maldives luxury resort is beyond measurable. However, so much more awaits for you at the bountiful island of St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort.

The food provided by the highly experienced chefs at the restaurant will leave your taste buds longing for more. The spa provides therapeutic rejuvenation through holistic massages and wellness treatments. The adventures, from thrilling jetski rides to snorkeling sessions, are filled with endless possibilities. Sharing priceless moments with your loved ones, you are surrounded by unforgettable moments that stick to you even after your journey at Caroline Astor Estate in St. Regis Maldives has ended.

We will be honest upfront with you. This prestigious Estate has its downside as well. How? You may ask. The unparalleled luxury, the stunning tropical setting, the flawless comfort, it all leaves you gutted when you realize that your prosperous journey will come to an end. The moment you leave this paradise on earth, you will yearn for it once more. It’s addicting in its own right. However, every second you spend in the Caroline Astor Estate will undoubtedly be a fulfilling one. A fulfilling one worth every dime you spend.

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