Book a Maldives family holiday and enjoy creating amazing memories

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world for a vacation. Sun, sand, and sea, the destination is blooming with luxurious resorts and affordable guesthouses, providing that much needed tropical escape. Not only is Maldives famous among honeymooners and couples, but it also provides the perfect setting for a blissful family vacation. Blessing of the white sandy beaches, bountiful gardens, and the turquoise lagoon are there to be enjoyed by everyone. After all, why shouldn’t your kids be allowed to indulge in the laid back tropical lifestyle with family holidays in Maldives? Luxury, culture, along with thrills tailored for you and your little ones to enjoy as a whole, here are the best things to do in Maldives with family.

Experience a family-friendly resort

If you are planning to book a resort, this should be obvious right off the bat. A family-friendly resort is very different from a normal one. These Maldives family resorts offer exclusive amenities that elevate your family holiday experience in the Maldives by tenfold. They feature custom bungalows designed for families, special kids menus, butler services, tricycles to get around the resort, and much more.

The main attractions of these child friendly resorts are the exclusive clubs designed for your kids and teens. Not only do they ensure that your kids are never bored on their Maldives family holiday, but they also host thrilling activities to be enjoyed as a family. A family-friendly resort lets you indulge in priceless moments with your little ones. Hence, experiencing the wonders of these resorts is one of the best things to do in your Maldives family holiday.

Fun things to do on family holidays in Maldives

Water sports for families

In a way, water sports remain one of the essences of family holidays in Maldives. Making use of the unreal crystal clear waters of the reputed turquoise lagoon of Maldives, the activities are curated to indulge in exciting thrills with your friends and loved ones. Strolling on a canoe, riding a banana tube, or splashing through on a jet ski can produce some memorable moments that can be enjoyed as a whole. Young and old, there is one for all.

The best thing is it’s available in every resort and most of the local islands in the Maldives, making it one of the best and easiest things to do in Maldives with family. The tropical isles are famed for their white sandy beaches and azure lagoon. Why not experience joyful moments as a family and see what it’s all about? Saltwater splashing on your face and the sun glistening on your skin as you exchange laughter and clumsy moments with your loved ones.

Go snorkeling with children

The underwater world of Maldives is abundant with corals and boasting with exciting marine life. You might think snorkeling may not be for families as it’s impossible for your little ones. Well, you might be delighted to find out that the resorts and guesthouses both offer specialized snorkeling programs for children. An 8-year-old child can learn to snorkel with the help of instructors. It’s an exciting and memorable journey for the young ones. Watch your child learn and getting all pumped up as they discover a whole new world below. Snorkeling is already a magical experience on its own, but with your family, it becomes priceless.

Family fishing trips

In the Maldives, fishing used to be a way of life. Our forefathers took pride in it. The local children would be impatient on when they would join their elders and become proper fishermen. It’s only befitting that you experience the joy of fishing in Maldives on a Maldives family holiday.

The instructors can guide you and your children in the methods used for fishing in the Maldives. It’s simple. Anyone can quickly get the hang of it. As you feel a tug on your rod, you pull with your might while the little ones cheer beside you. Maybe they can try catching one as well. We promise you one thing. You will always remember your first catch.

Start planning your family holiday to Maldives

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    Sand Bank Picnic for Families – Perfect beach picnic on family holidays in Maldives

    A picnic on a sandbank hits different. You indulge in exclusive privacy as a family, taking in the tranquility and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. The sandbank can provide a fun environment for the young. Chasing around crabs, building sandcastles, and splashing around the water. It can also be a relaxing environment, complemented by peace and serenity. Perfect to tan under the tropical sun. Engage in unforgettable moments with a picnic to the most remote locations in the Maldives. We guaranty you that visiting a sandbank on family holidays in Maldives will leave you with everlasting memories even when your Maldives family holiday is over.

    Whale Submarine tour

    As you explore the depths of the Maldives in the comfort of a submarine, we assure you that the children will not be the only ones astonished by the underwater beauty of Maldives. 45 minutes of a mesmerizing and educating journey beneath the depths of Maldives. Observe the species of faunas up close without getting scared. When your children are not being bewildered by the manta rays and turtles, they will be excited about all the “Nemos” and “Doris” in the ocean. A whale submarine ride will always be a unique and memorable experience. Thus, making it one of the best things to do in Maldives with family on a Maldives family holiday.

    Island Hopping

    Each of the islands in the Maldives is unique and features traits and nature exclusive to them. The good news, there are hundreds of them. Discover the local islands in the archipelago on your family holiday to Maldives. Tradition, culture, and the authentic Maldivian living at its finest. Connect with locals, walk on the beaches, and explore lush tropical vegetation. With each island, you experience new things and see the way of Maldivians up close and personal. This experience is better when enjoyed with the family. The short distance between each island makes hopping from one to other possible. Plus, the little ones will always be excited about boat rides.

    Dolphin cruise for families

    Everyone likes dolphins. Kids, teens, adults, elders. They are friendly dwellers of the ocean, bringing joy and happiness to anyone that encounters them. So it’s no surprise that going on a dolphin cruise while on your family holiday to Maldives is one of the best things to do in Maldives with  your family. When you see dolphins, you are greeted with pods of them. Dozens and even hundreds of dolphins will swim beside the boat, mesmerizing you with their cool flips and tricks.

    What’s better, the dolphin cruises are most of the time combined with the stunning views of the sunset, elevating the experience to an almost surreal status. Complimented by refreshing drinks, the Dolphine cruise becomes a relaxing and exciting adventure for both you and your loved ones. Perfect for sea adventure on family holidays in Maldives.

    These are some of the few things you can do in Maldives with family. The options are diverse, and the moments are priceless. Enjoy the blessing of Maldives with your family as you indulge in timeless surroundings and strengthen your bonds with family holidays in Maldives.


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