Surfing through the tropical waves of Maldives is a must-do item in every surfer’s bucket list around the globe. The best way to experience this is through the luxury of Maldives surf resorts. Incredible breaks complemented by crystal clear water, your Maldives surf trip will be a memorable one when booked with a surfing resort in Maldives.

Whether you are looking for budget surf holidays or the experience of luxury surf resorts, the Maldives is your destination.

When booking a Maldives surf trip, you should look into seasons as well as the weather in Maldives to get the best experience worth your money. Anywhere from late February to mid-November should do the trick. However, if you want the best of the best, March to May and September to November is when the Maldives surf breaks thrive to their full potential.

Maldives surf resorts such as Hudhuranfushi is a perfect example of an ideal destination where you can experience world-class waves without the place being overcrowded by other surfers. Hudhuranfushi Surf resort, also known as “Lohifushi”, does this by allowing 45 surfers at a time on the Maldives Surf Resort. Known as one of the top surf resorts around the globe, Hudhuranfushi combines thrilling Maldives surf breaks with the comfortable luxurious stay, effortlessly indulging you in a blissful surf holiday in Maldives. Such is the experience of a surfing resort in Maldives.

If you are planning on a Maldives surf trip, you can find Maldives surfing packages curated for all types of surfers. From cheap surf vacation packages where you can enjoy the best affordable surf holidays to the experience of luxury surf resorts in Maldives. From Maldives surf breaks suitable for advanced and pro surfers to the Maldives surf trip exclusive for beginners. The tropical waves in the Maldives provide thrilling experiences for every surfer.

Cheap surf vacation packages

For those of you looking for cheap surf vacation packages without the lavish amenities of a luxury surf resort, there are plenty of Maldives surfing packages that let you experience the best waves that the clear waters of Maldives have to offer on a budget. Multiple Maldives surf breaks combined with holistic wellness experiences; you can indulge in an authentic Maldives surf holiday without breaking the bank.

To experience an affordable Maldives surf trip with uncompromised quality experiences, here are some of the best Maldives surfing packages worth your money and time.

Surf and Yoga Camp, Himmafushi, Maldives

Himmafushi is an island famous for water sports and activities for tourists who wants to experience the thrills of Maldives on a budget. For surfers, the Seven days Surf and Yoga Camp is one of the best cheap surf vacation packages in Maldives.

Offered all year round, the high season of the holiday starts from 1st March to October 19, whereas 20 October to 28 February is the low season. It’s important to know when you are booking Maldives surfing packages. If you are a beginner, the best time to book the Himmafushi Surf and Yoga Camp would be from November to April. If you are a pro, then April to October will be best for you.

Crystal clear waters, unforgettable waves, and dolphins swimming around, cheap surf vacation packages in Maldives such as this one can make for an exciting experience.

Enquire about Maldives surf resorts

Maldives surf resorts are a paradise for surfers. If you are planning a Maldives surf trip to the best Maldives surf resorts, contact us to get tailor-made surf holiday packages. We design surf vacations to surf resorts in Maldives as well as local islands that offer cheap all inclusive surf vacations in Maldives



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    Five days Invigorating Surf Camp, Thulusdhoo, Maldives

    A fun Maldives surf trip that assures the best Maldives surf breaks on a budget, combined with comfortable 4* accommodation. This surf camp allows up to 20 participants, making it an ideal destination for Maldives family surf holidays. It is one of the Maldives surfing packages that ideal for all types of surfers of all levels.

    If you find booking luxury surf resorts, not a viable option, then this is the Maldives surf trip for you. Thulusdhoo is an island famous among surfers. Cokes, Sultans, and Chickens are some of the most reputed Maldives surf breaks among locals and tourists. Want one of the best surfing experiences without the leisure of Maldives surf resorts? This is one of the best cheap surf vacation packages you can find.

    Four days Surfing Camp in Maafushi

    If you are a beginner surfer looking for cheap surf packages in Maldives, then this one is exclusively for you. The White Shell Island Hotel & Spa provides this surf camp with professional instructors to get you comfortable with the waves. Surrounded by the white sandy beach and crystal clear water, the 3-hour sessions are both productive and enjoyable. Enjoy a tan while taking in the stunning views of the tropical environment on your Maldives surf trip.

    Unlike other Maldives surfing packages, this one in Maafushi compliments your Maldives surf breaks with airport transfer and meals. If you are a keen beginner looking to surf in Maldives, then this is the cheap surf vacation package for a hassle less surfing holiday in Maldives.

    Luxury surf resorts in Maldives

    The epitome of Maldives surf resorts! Comfortable stays, combined with holistic spa experiences, completed by delightful restaurants, the luxury surf resorts are the best way to enjoy waves in Maldives.

    These luxury surf resorts elevate your Maldives surf trip by giving access to remote Maldives surf breaks that were previously hard to access. High-quality waves can be enjoyed in uncrowded locations, allowing you to engage in exhilarating moments on the untouched waters of a Maldives surf resort in peace.

    Your stay at one of these resorts will be surreal. Wake up to the sound of waves in a water villa and hop right into the lagoon, or may perhaps a beachside stay is more of your taste. Complimented with exquisite food from the restaurants and the therapeutic massages of the spas, your Maldives surf trip at these luxury surf resorts is priceless. Pick one of these Maldives luxury surf resorts to catch the best waves in the Maldives.

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