The Maldives located in the south-west of India is an archipelago nation meaning has been spread over a sea in multiple small islands famous for scuba diving in Maldives. This Maldives consists of 26 chains of islands made from corals and reefs called atolls. Having India, Sri Lanka and some of the coral islands at a distance, the country has the best mixture of cultures and languages.

Its called the sea island as it holds 99% from its sea. This smallest country in Asia is considered the best place for tourism out of Europe. The surprising part is that it has a ground level of just 4ft and 11 inches, which makes it the lowest-lying nation in the world. This nation has a double chain of 1192 islands made up of coral reefs, located in the Laccadives Sea that stretches to the Indian ocean.

Though this small, alluring nation is moreover known for its charming beaches and local life, the recent attraction is taken over by the deep down sea and it’s tropical life. Scuba Divers say “The more they explore is more they learn”. Coral reefs are significant attractions, though its beautiful marine life is gaining the sigh into water. Scuba Divers are more interested in marine life rather than reefs.

And such exquisite sea get’s enhanced with the exclusive luxury resorts, some of the spectacular beaches, the ancient remains and the colorful scenes of minarets in male, the capital city. You can also satisfy your tastebuds with some of the delectable seafood including Parrotfish, fusilier, sweetlips, jacks and much more. The passes between the atolls or chains have some striking caves, overhangs, and caverns. All of the marine life makes it adorable and a healthy aquatic reserve. After reading all this, you must be craving for a trip to the Maldives. So now you can frame your own itinerary inculcating the best inputs to your trip.

Best Maldives Resorts for Diving

Resorts in the Maldives are always significant in providing luxury and class. If you are heading towards the Maldives, you must look for a resort filled with comfort and uniqueness. Here, you will find a list of 6 best resorts, that you must not miss out while exploring the best resorts in Maldives for diving.

Dusit Thani

Located in the Baa Atoll, at Mudhdhoo island, this resort will take you on a trip to Thai culture and it’s philosophies. This 5-star resort has all the luxuries in-built including tennis courts, boutiques, spas, saunas and of course the private luxurious villas situated beside the exclusive pools for each guest. Residing in the only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, this resort is covered with one of the wealthiest marine life and the serene white sand along with turquoise lagoons. This romantic, adventurous and amusing resort has a classic infinity pool which makes it a perfect stay for diving and snorkeling. Whether you are a newbie in diving or a pro, come to Dusit Thani and explore the best of scuba diving. Maldives atolls offer few more antiquities than it’s beaches which coud be explored near Dusit Thani.

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    Huvafen Fushi

    This is a private island set in the North Male atoll. This charming resort is a perfect destination to relax after intense Scuba diving. The Maldives offer a variety of resorts and layovers spread across its 1192 islands, but the best part of Huvafen Fushi is the iconic pool which gets lighten up during the night. Since the incorporation of the pool, the number of visitors has automatically gone high. Adding an underwater spa center along with adventurous water sports, the 43 private villas of Huvafen Fushi are usually found reserved, so be quick with your bookings. Make your trip an experience worth remembering by staying at Huvafen Fushi.

    One & Only Reethi Rah

    Reethi Rah is a venture of Only and Only resorts located in the North Male atoll. This resort is exclusively favorable for diving. Maldives’s award-winning resort offers a charismatic infinity pool beside its luxurious villas capturing the scenic beauty of crystallized Indian Ocean. This resort also offers several cuisines in its multiple food outlets, including Middle Eastern, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. This romantic and divine resort is one of the best options for Scuba Divers.

    W Retreat & Spa

    W retreat & spa is another private island resort located in the North Ari Atoll. It takes only 25 minutes to reach from the International Male airport. This trendy and chic resort is perfect to hang out with your friends. It has got a youthful modern outlook which makes it an attraction for youngsters. This resort will enchant your nights with its underground night disco aka club. This resort has the most alluring reefs of Maldives. Scuba Diving is fun and the yachts make it a go-to destination.

    Six Senses Laamu

    Are you looking to submerge into the divinity of peace and serenity, if yes then you cannot miss out on the remote and the lone resort of Lamu atoll. This divine and sumptuous resort makes you even more happy and relaxed. Six Sense has got classy villas that extract the peace of the ocean and takes you on a journey of self-actualization. This resort has got the best Maldives diving center, and also offers an ayurvedic relaxation spa to your mind and heart. With all the luxury and comfort you can go into the deep process of self-awareness.

    Bathala Island Resort

    For all the scuba divers out there, Bathala is no less than a heaven. This island resort has some most pleasing house reefs along with the irresistible marine life. While diving you can come across nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle rays and manta rays. The scuba divers can explore 50 sites of diving on the island and can also explore coral caves, Thila’s and wrecks. This resort offers a homely touch to your experience.

    Best time to scuba dive in Maldives

    Traveling, touring and journeys can become a life-changing experience if planned correctly and executed properly. And while planning it is very much important to keep the best season and timings in mind. As the Maldives is not a very cheap destination, you must know when to plan a trip so that you can enjoy low prices and more serenity in the Maldives. Scuba diving price is really important, especially, when you are looking for a trip in low seasons. In general terms, people suggest that the seasons between May to November are apt for diving in the Maldives as it offers low rates on live boards and flights. This season is typically known as South West Monsoon. Let’s check its advantages in detail.

    South West Monsoon

    The season between May to November in the Maldives is known as South West Monsoon, though the months for this season differs from country to country and region to region. Southwest monsoon is perfect for dive in the Maldives. Why? Because usually between this period, the temperature of the water is around 28 degrees to 29 degrees celsius. The wind flows from south to west, that makes diving conditions apt in North Male atoll and Ari atoll. If you are looking to explore marine creatures like mantas, then a trip made between this time may bring luck to you. Also, the scenic beauty of Ari atoll is at the peak during this time. You can also dive with sharks as water temperature brings them at a shallower pace. The months between May to November are perfect to just engross into diving, marine life, the coral reefs, and the serene scenic ocean. What makes it more favorable is the cheap prices that airlines offer due to off-season.

    North-East Monsoon Season

    Now here is another season, which is quite sumptuous for visitors. The period between December to May is called the Northeast monsoon. It is because during this period winds flow from the northeast area. The availability of wind in this time, or the speed of wind during this period is quite low. You can enjoy peaceful seas and bright sun. Even scuba diving becomes more classic as light increases visibility, for the eastern side the visibility increases up to 20 to 30 meters and on the western side the visibility goes about 15 to 20 meters.

    During this season, the period between December to March has got tremendous visibility, especially near the eastern atolls. The water currents start flowing from east to west. You can enjoy the diving experience with several shark species, planktons that flow to the ocean and of course the mantas in the west.

    Apart from these seasons, the scuba diving experience in the Maldives is always charming and engrossing as the reefs, turtles, whale sharks, and reef sharks make its marine life more interesting and striking. Moreover, then seasons, you must pay attention to high and low tides of the ocean and sunset and sunrise.

    Maldives’ best dive sites

    Throughout the world, divers believe scuba diving is like a meditation, which relaxes the mind & body. Also, it gives you a soothing aura to think philosophically and divinely. Maldive’s scuba diving experience has been an eye-opener for a lot, and it’s time for you to get into that phenomenal experience.

    However, the experiences come with a cost, the resorts and the overall scuba diving price could be quite hefty, so if you are planning for a trip, firstly, make sure you get to the right resort which has access to multiple astonishing diving sites. Most of the resorts offer a full board option, so do look for it as it will relieve you from the hassle of bookings. The diving sites in the Maldives will have the best marine creatures including Eagle Rays, pelagic fishes, Giant trevally/Barracuda, and Napolean wrasses. So if you don’t want to miss any of those, here are the diving sites you must go to.

    Ukulhas Thila

    Situated on the banks of North Ari atoll, the Ukulhas Thila has the most gigantic reefs that grow in a scattered pattern up to 30m. In the middle of Ukulhas Thila, there is also a wide channel called Maavara Kandu. The diving site has a huge and shrunk peak of about 300m in length. Its top is a flat for about 15m down and a slope of about 30m. There is a cleaning station on the flat reef top for Mantas which operates from December to April.

    Maya Thila

    Scuba Diving in the Maldives is incomplete without a dive in Maaya Thila, this adorable underwater island is marked the best diving spots in the Maldives. The Maaya Thila is situated in the South Ari atoll, and its peak is at 6 meters from the ground and goes 30 meters in the sea. This diving spot is a habitat to stingrays, barracuda, white reef sharks, and nurse shark. Though diving in the night might not be a good idea, as you may become dinner for multiple creatures. Diving and swimming in the day is the best experience, so you should explore the Thila in the day.

    Fish Head

    Wanna have some fun and adventure altogether, then the Mushimasmingili Thila or in easy words the Shark point is the best dive. As its name suggests, this site offers scuba divers the breath-taking experience of their lives and leaves them into the sigh of danger. The peak of this diving goes 35m down and has several overhangs and caves in it. Though in earlier times this area was used to feed sharks, no more. If you are going on a dive over here, possibly you can encounter 16 homely grey reef sharks speeding and moving around.

    Banana Reef

     Banana reef is the biggest attraction of the Maldives, which brings about a millions of tourists every year to the Maldives. Earlier this was the first reef attraction point in the Maldives and is now covered with aquatic life. It gives everything, from reefs to animals to caves and much more. The beauty of the ocean gets increased with groups of Napolean wrasse, sea turtles, and jackfish. Divers at the beginning stage along with snorkelers can make their day over here.

    Broken Rock

    Another and most engaging dive sites of Maldives is Broken Rock at South Ari atoll. This diving site has got a steep canyon that separates the reefs into 2 parts. You might love to swim over the canyon, though buoyancy is a little high at this place. The canyon looks spectacular with smooth corals and a blend of vibrant colors. When it comes to marine life Jackfishs, Butterflyfishes, anthias, angelfishes and huge Napolean Wrasse are the major attractions. The morays of the site are little fussy, they might not like you touching the rocks, so be cautious while diving.

    So as now you have gained a lot of information on Scuba diving, Maldives, you cannot resist planning a trip. Tours are moreover a journey to escape the stress of life and indulge in a few moments of happiness and serenity. Scuba Diving is moreover the activity through which you can look at the world which is present, but just away from the sight. The Maldives is the best place for water activities, it makes people enthusiastic and adaptable. If you are anyway scared of diving. Then don’t worry because the Maldives will not allow you to pay attention to your fear, it will bring out the beauty of the exotic ocean and the peaceful sky.  Make your days more divine and trips more luxurious, with Maldives Scuba Diving lessons.

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