Want to escape on an exotic holiday to the tropical isles of the Maldives from Australia, wondering the best way to travel to Maldives from Australia? Well, here is everything you need to know about traveling to Maldives from Australia.

First, you have to know that there are no direct flights from Australia to Maldives, making it a little bit challenging to sort out the best options. However, multiple airlines such as Scoot, Sri Lankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar has alternate routes to the Maldives from Australia.

The next question that’s probably on your mind is, how long does it take to travel to Maldives from Australia? The flight time is about 9 hours, usually with one-stop before reaching to the Maldives. On average, it takes about 14-16 hours to reach the Velana International Airport of Maldives from Australia. You will find costs approximately $400-$1000 dollars on average from multiple flight options.

Travel to Maldives from Australia – Your Options

One of the most popular and fastest ways to travel to Maldives from Australia is via the Singapore airlines. In November, you can find $700 deals for a return flight ticket in economy class for a 17hrs trip. You can even combine the Singapore airways with Silk Air, which might take longer.

From Sidney, you will also have the Cathay Pacific option with the HongKong route readily available. However, the downside is that the journey takes almost 30 hours, and the city is a busy and hectic destination. You can find deals up to $800 in January from Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong.

The lowest average price that you can travel to the Maldives from Australia is approximately $500 for a return ticket in economy class. The Kuala Lumpur route from Sydney takes about 18hrs, while the same stop from Melbourne can take about 15hrs for a lower price. This option is also available from Perth by Multiple airlines.

Another route that you can take to travel to Maldives from Australia is via Colombo by SriLankan Airlines. You can get return tickets from economy class in February for about $800 with a trip duration of 20hrs 30mins with a single stop to Colombo from Melbourne. If you happen to be in Sidney, then there are flights from Sidney to Melbourne to Colombo and then to Male’ Maldives as well.

Of course, you also have the Middle Eastern Airway options. Qatar via the Doha route, Etihad airways with the Abu Dhabi Stop, and Emirates through Dubai. These routes usually cost above $1000, and your journey will be more than 20hours.

We recommend that you take Singapore Airlines and make a stopover to Changi Airport before you head to the Maldives. It’s the most common and fastest way with exceptional service worth every penny.

Keep in Mind!

If you have booked a Maldives resort accessible by seaplane, there is something you have to keep in mind if you are traveling to Maldives from Australia by Singapore Airlines via Sidney. Usually, the flight lands in Maldives after 4 pm, meaning that you may have to spend the night in Male’ city. Not the ideal start for your tropical escape. The same applies to Tiger Flies from Gold Coasts as well.

If this is the case, your cheapest option would be to stay in a city hotel and catch your seaplane the next day. Alternatively, you can also book one of the resorts near Malé airport, reachable by speedboat. Resorts such as Paradise Island lets you experience the best of Maldives on a budget, and you can sleep in the comfort of a Maldives villa, ensuring a much better start to your Maldives getaway.

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