Looking for how to go to Maldives from Philippines in 2022? This is the perfect guide for you to find out how to reach the secluded island resorts and guesthouses of Maldives for you to enjoy a Maldives Tour Packages From Philippines with the ones you love most.

Scattered across the Indian Ocean, Maldives to Philippines distance is 5,446 km, and usually takes more than 7 hours of Philippines to Maldives flight time to reach the beautiful tropical island of the island nation. If you are looking for a flight to Maldives from Philippines then, there are plenty of airlines you can take with the most common ones being Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airway, AirAsia, and Sri Lankan Airlines.

How to Travel from Manila to Male’, Maldives

If you are booking Maldives Tour Packages From Philippines and traveling from the capital of the Philippines, Manila to Maldives travel time averages around 10 to 15 hours with one to two layovers in between.

When it comes to traveling from Manila, you will find that the most common Maldives to Philippine flight options are provided by Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Sri Lankan Airways, and Air Asia.

For budget travel to Maldives from Philippines, the Air Asia option would be the best choice. Traveling from Air Asia usually takes about 10 hours with a 1 hour 30minute stopover at Kualampur International Airport in Sri Lanka. The return flight from Male to Manila takes an average of about 15 hours with a 6-hour stopover in Sri Lanka. The Maldives to Philippines ticket price when traveling via AirAsia averages US$ 400 to $600 for return flights in economy class. When it comes to cheap flights from Philippines to Maldives, AirAsia is without a doubt the cheapest option available.

The best Maldives to Philippines flight option would be the return flights via Singapore Airlines. Manila to Maldives travel time via Singapore Airlines averages to around 10 hours with a 2 hour stop to Changi International airport at Singapore. The return flight from Maldives to Philippines also averages around 10 to 11 hours with 1 stop in Singapore, making it the fastest way to travel to Maldives from Philippines. The Maldives to Philippines ticket price when flying via Singapore Airlines ranges from US$1200 to $1400 for return flights in economy class

You will also find Maldives to Philippines flights operated by Philippine Airlines. Manila to Maldives travel time while traveling by Philippine airline takes approximately 13 hours with a 3-hour stopover to Bangkok and a 2 hour stop to Colombo.

How to get Tourist Visa for Maldives

If you are traveling to Maldives from the Philippines and wondering how to get tourist visa for Maldives, you will be delighted to find out that you can get a 30-day tourist visa for free with our Maldives Tour Packages From Philippines, provided that you have a few things with you. A 30-day tourist visa is applicable for travelers with a valid passport, a return flight ticket, and a booking confirmed from a resort or hotel in the Maldives.

Travel to Maldives from Philippines during Covid

Of course, there are extra steps you are required to take if you travel to Maldives from the Philippines during Covid. Maldives entry requirements Covid-19 includes showing a negative PCR Test taken 96 hours before arrival along with an online health declaration form filled no more than 24 hours before both arrival and departure from the Maldives.

The journey to Maldives from Philippines is certainly not a short one with lengthy Philippines to Maldives travel time and stopovers in between. However, once you land in the tropics of Maldives and are welcomed by the white sandy beaches, lush tropical isles, and the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, the long flights from Philippines to Maldives become absolutely worth it.

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