Twin Centre Holidays in Indian Ocean

The Maldives multi centre holidays in Indian Ocean allow you to experience the beauty of the different Indian Ocean destination along with its diverse culture. Every resort, every city you visit has a different feel to them and emits a different vibe, allowing you to feel the contrast of these destinations in a well-planned Maldives multi centre holiday.

We even offer tailor-made Maldives twin centre holidays in Indian Ocean combined with an exotic and popular neighbouring destination, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka and Maldives multi centre honeymoon holiday allows you visit the cultural life of Sri Lanka along with the tranquil islands of Maldives, enabling you to get a taste of both what both worlds have to offer. This what a Maldives multi centre holiday in the Indian Ocean aims to accomplish as you get a different and diverse experience throughout your getaway.

Whether you are planning twin centre honeymoons in Indian Ocean, or just want an unforgettable family experience – with our Maldives Multi Centre Holidays every second is worthwhile as there is never a dull moment in this unique experience.

A chance to discover more than one destination on your holiday. An Indian Ocean multi centre holiday is a fantastic way to venture about the region exploring the marvels ready to be uncovered on your thrilling journey.

We can customise this adventurous and breath-taking Indian ocean multi centre holiday experience by offering you some of the most stunning destinations in the region. Our tailor-made Maldives multi centre holidays, along with our access to a vast inventory of hotels all over the Indian Ocean Islands enables you to explore some of the most stunning locations for your Indian Ocean multi centre holiday. Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius and Madagascar, are all destination which within our reach, allowing us to offer you an unforgettable Multicentre holiday in the Indian Ocean.

Exploring through the ancient temples of Sri Lanka, cruising through the clear waters of Mauritius, walking in the beaches of the Seychelles, seeing the lemurs in Madagascar, and basking under the sun of the tropical islands in Maldives, the variety of diverse activities that you get to experience on these Indian Ocean multi centre holidays are endless!

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    Sri Lanka and Maldives all inclusive twin centre holidays

    With our Sri Lanka and Maldives twin centre holidays you could spend a few days exploring the magnificent sites in Sri Lanka before hoping off to a plane to discover the beautiful tropical islands of Maldives.

    On the first few days of Sri Lanka – Maldives twin centre holiday, you get to visit the mesmerizing attractions which Colombo has to offer. Get a glimpse of the vibrant and detailed architecture, go on historical and heritage tours of the city, and climb up the picturesque hills as you enjoy the cultural extravaganza of what the place has to offer.

    After indulging in the culture and excitement in Colombo, your next destination of the Sri Lanka and Maldives twin centre holiday would be to escape into the secluded tiny islands of Maldives, set in the impressive turquoise lagoons. Here you will experience pure tranquillity as you walk in the white sandy beaches heading towards your luxurious water villa with pool, stilted above the lagoon.

    Multi Centre Holidays Seychelles

    Seychelles Multi Centre Holidays - Featured

    If you were thinking of getting away to a multicentre holiday in the Indian Ocean, here is why you would want choose Seychelles as the destination for your multi-centre honeymoon. Seychelles, is a collection of 115 island in the Indian Ocean. Islands that are filled with lush greenery and white sandy beaches. Seychelles is also home to beautiful coral reefs and various nature reserves along with rare animals which inhabits them, inviting you to go and see them.

    On this Indian ocean multicentre holiday, prepare to hop from island to island in Seychelles as you embark in an exciting, adventurous journey. A Seychelles twin centre honeymoon means, visiting islands featuring white sandy beaches with their own unique personalities, venturing through the distinct habitats and admiring the clear waters of the Indian ocean. All while you are with the company of your better half.

    Our Seychelles Multi Centre Holidays even allow you to combine the royalty-approved hideaways of Seychelles with other exotic luxury destination, where you can enjoy the cuisine by Michelin-starred chef Marc de Passori.

    Indulge your taste buds with exquisite food. Enjoy sunbathing sessions whist laying on the beach. Laze in the therapeutic treatments of the hillside spas. And fly over the extraordinary archipelago of Seychelles as every moment you spend in this multi centred holiday in the Indian ocean will be absolutely worth your while.

    Mauritius Twin Centre Honeymoon

    Mauritius Twin Centre Honeymoon - Constance Le Prince Maurice Gallery

    Reputed for its natural architect featuring, beaches, lagoons, mountains, waterfalls, and other fascinations of nature, this is a place perfect for a twin centre holiday. Mauritius, with its own set amazing wildlife animals such as the flying fox, features an incredible national park, hiking trails, horse tracks and gardens, leaving you with plenty of things to do and various places to explore.

    So what does a Multi centre holiday in Mauritis mean? Well, Mauritius twin centre holidays lets you absorb the energy of the luxurious cities of the place one day, followed with a relaxing bathing session under the African sun the other day. You could even enjoy a Mauritius multi centre honeymoon which allows you to enjoy luxurious resorts offering various amenities followed by exciting safari trips with your spouse. Persuading isn’t it?

    Why wouldn’t you want to go on a selection of carefully tailored itineraries to this beautiful destination on your multi centre holiday in the Indian Ocean? Get a glimpse of what it’s like to go on a Mauritius multi centre honeymoon with you loved one while creating unforgettable memories to look back to.

    These multi-centre Indian Ocean itineraries are just examples of what we can offer, but there is no limit to what we can create for you when it comes to Multi Centre Holidays in Indian Ocean. Whether it’s a Maldives Multi centre holiday, or a Madagascar and Mauritius twin centre holiday or even honeymoons in Mauritius & Seychelles, we can create your perfect Multi Centre Holidays in Indian Ocean.

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