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It is entirely true that the people of a country represents that country. Before visiting anywhere, all of us checks how the people of that country is, their ethics and behaviors. Likewise, people of Maldives are known as kind-hearted, helpful and friendly people world-wide. Before you visit the Maldives, it is important that you have utmost knowledge about Maldivians, to get the most out of your Maldivian experience.

Origin of the Maldives People

Yes, how are Maldives people originated? The gem-like islands of Maldives are surely populated by some sailors in the past since it was first known as uninhabited nation. It is believed that at first the Maldives was ruled by Aryans, and later by the Arab travelers. Due to this, Buddhism was replaced by Islam in the Maldives. It can be definitely seen that the Maldives people are a mix of Africans and Arabs as well. Furthermore, in that time, the Maldives was under the protection of British, but also for some time the Portuguese ruled the Maldives.

Culture of Maldives people

The culture of Maldivians are distinctly rich, don’t you think so? Why is that? It is all because of the different first residents in the islands of Maldives. Maldives culture and tradition brings out a mix of Arabs, Indians, Africans and many more countries. The Maldivian traditional dance, Boduberu is itself similar to the African dances. The rhythms and dancing style is undoubtedly so alike. There is a lot more! The eating style of Maldives are definitely Indian. The Indians eat the spicy curries and roti. Don’t the Maldivians too? Now you know where we get in from! Hence, Maldives ethnic groups are South Indians, Sinhalese and Arabs. Beside these, the Maldives people are 100% related to the sea. It could be even said that Maldivians would not be Maldivians without the sea. Even at the earliest times, the people of the Maldives islands went to fishing while the ladies awaits to cook those fishes. The Maldives culture and tradition is perfectly unique, this can be guaranteed if you look at the handcrafted lacquered vases made by the Maldivians. The Maldivian culture definitely makes the Maldives much more beautiful.

Population of Maldives

Over the years, the Maldives population has increased in a rapid rate. In the 2013, the Maldives is populated with approximately 345,000 people with the life expectancy of 78 years. The population of Maldives islands have doubled over the years due the great developments in the country. Similarly, almost 43% of the Maldives population resides in the capital city, Male’. The most populous islands after the capital is, Addu City and Fuvahmulah.

What is the main religion of Maldives?

It is undoubtedly vital that before you visit a destination you must acknowledge their religion, otherwise you might end up in hot water. In the Maldives, in the earliest times Buddhism was followed. However, Islam overruled Buddhism and till today Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. Thus, it is the only and also the main religion of Maldives.

The distinguished yet, interesting lifestyles of Maldivians

The people of Maldives are relatively living two lifestyles. The interesting and distinctive lifestyles of Maldivians makes a Maldives holiday more thrilling and adventurous.

The posh and modern lifestyle of people living in Male’

The truth is, even if you live in Male’ or any other island, Maldives people are just the same in the personality, helpful, kind, friendly and undoubtedly down-to-Earth. However, even these characteristics are exposed through Maldivians, the people living in the capital city of Maldives, Male’ lives a totally different lifestyle than the ones living in the islands. In Male’, people wake up just to attend work or school, where they almost spend half of their days. They are engaged in earning money, running errands and keeping themselves so busy. You can definitely see this if you come to this hectic capital city. After working or studying, finally they get sometime for themselves or to spend with their family or friends. What comes next? The college hours or tuition time! Sounds pretty tiring, right? This is the lifestyle of people that lives in Male’, Maldives. Although, it is hectic, at the end of the day they are happy about how they live!

The simple, yet a stress-free lifestyle of the islanders

Surrounded by the palm trees, amazed by the beautiful nature, the people that lives in the islands of Maldives live a pretty simple, but an amazing lifestyle. As the hens start their days with the clucking, the men and women of the islands wake up and start their days. The women starts their morning by sweeping the backyard of the houses and preparing breakfast for their husbands as they get ready to go for work. After that, the people of Maldive islands wake up their kids and send them to school. Then, they meet up with their friends and start the coconut crafting such as fangi vinun. This is how most of the Maldivian women earns their income. After the chit chat time, they make lunch for their family and get ready for evening walks. Unlike in Male’, most of these islands are vehicle-free and the kids can roam around without any fears. The beautiful day ends after their minds are stress-free. You can definitely experience a Maldivian old-age lifestyle on the beautiful islands of Maldives, whilst a modern lifestyle on the capital city, Male’.

What to expect when you are with people of Maldives

Maldives people are truly what makes the Maldives a 100% sunny side of the life. The charming charisma, the down to Earth personality of Maldives people and the friendly nature of the Maldivians brighten up your days in unbelievable ways. If you are on a vacation in the resorts, you are undoubtedly going to identify the Maldivians. They greet with a big smile, and with the heart-warming tone in the friendliest way. Hence, if you are with people of Maldives, always expect them to smile at you, even if you meet them on road. Likewise, always expect them to be inspiring and down to earth people with the most helpful hands. For example, if you even lose something on the road, or even ask for directions for anyone on the street, they will give you the utmost welcome and help you until it is done. Just like that, in the islands of Maldives, the people are more friendly and welcoming. You will see them greeting and even asking to eat at their homes, the Maldivian cuisine.

No matter where the Maldivians are originated from, or where they live in does not make them a less of a Maldivian because of the unity and the great personality within them. All of the resorts/guesthouses in Maldives welcomes you, ensuring to give you a great Maldivian experience because at least somewhere at the property, for instance at the reception or at the restaurant, you are to be greeted by a Maldivian. You get to experience the Maldivian hospitality, exposing the great characteristics of the people of Maldives. The charming personality and the welcoming hospitality will drive you back to Maldives where ever you are! Not only the crystal clear water and the white sandy beaches make the Maldives beautiful, but also the people of the Maldives.

The people of Maldives definitely makes the Maldives much more beautiful! If you are thrilled to experience it, book your next vacation in Maldives and get along with the Maldivians. They will surely leave you in awe!

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