Maldives luxury villas offer you the level of exceptional luxury, which is totally out of this world. It is all about enjoying life while witnessing the best of luxury and comfort in the Maldives luxury bungalows with the scenic views of a sparkling Indian Ocean.

The Maldives is one of those kinds of amazing places in this world for which you will pinch yourself once to make sure that you are not dreaming. Thus, the indulgent private villa Maldives helps in making your stay fantastic.

Maldives luxury villas to suit all tastes and requirements

Here, at the Maldives resort villas, you will get access to the fantastic views of the Indian ocean with easy lagoon access and availability of luxurious sun loungers at the private deck.

You can also be provided with an option to choose among the different types of luxurious Maldives villas such as:

  • Sunset villas – villas which offers magnificent sunset views.
  • Sunrise villas-villas offer amazing sunrise scenic views from the private deck.
  • Luxurious villas with pool- villas where you will get access to a private swimming pool within the villa.
  • All these types above will offer you some mind-blowing views and experiences to enjoy for a lifetime.

Facilities available in the Maldives resort villas

The luxurious Maldives villas will offer you the luxurious room with the amenities like, personal safe, fully air-conditioned rooms which are personally controllable, Jacuzzi, free Wi-Fi Internet access, Minibar, coffee, and tea machine and hairdryer.

Other than this, you can enjoy the big flat-screen TV with the access of many local or international channels you may wish. Or you can also utilize the iPod docking station and Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite music at your luxurious stay.

What to expect from Maldives Luxury Villas

Maldives luxury bungalows offer you the following features:

Beautifully styled Interiors – The luxury villas are stylishly designed with the beautiful décor ranges from the sleek, vintage, contemporary, and traditional interior themes. All the styles will make your living purely comfortable and stylish.

Luxurious kitchens – The Maldives resort villas furnish you with all that you’ll require in the kitchen with your personal culinary expert. Best in class machines and gadgets include, just as quality utensils, ceramics, and cutlery. The chef will make whatever you want to eat. Thus, all this will help in giving you the luxuries feel of living in a paradise where you will be treated as King in your king suite.

Fantastic outdoor spaces – with the private terrace or pool facilities, the outdoor spaces in the Maldives villas will give you tremendous experience. The immense outdoor allows you to capitalize the most of your vacations. You can lay down in the sun on the luxuries sun loungers available at your private decks.

Spacious bedrooms – the villas provide you the vast living space, which is as luxurious as a palace and as comfortable as your home. You can relax in the airy bedrooms, which are furnished with a king-size bed for a good night’s sleep.Luxurious bathrooms-Other than the spacious bedrooms, you can unwind the stress at the Jacuzzi with a warm bath or a nice hot shower. You will also receive fresh and high-quality linen or towels in the bathroom.

Best Maldives luxury villas

We have listed below the Maldives luxury bungalows that are in high demand for honeymoons and family holidays in Maldives.  If you are looking for a Maldives luxury villa, or if you want to stay in the most luxurious villa in Maldives, simply fill in our villa enquiry form with your requirements.

Enquire about Maldives Luxury Villas

Nothing beats the benefits of staying in Maldives luxury bungalows. Total Privacy. Make Your Own Schedule. Epitome of Luxury. If you are planning a holiday in Maldives luxury villa, contact us to find a Maldives luxury villa that meets your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for the most luxurious villa in Maldives or just Maldives private villas, we can find you a Maldives luxury villa to suit your needs so that you can create a comfortable environment while on holiday.



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    Maldives Luxury Villas -John-Jacob-Astor-Estate-3-Bedroom-Villa Exterior

    John Jacob Astor Estate 3 Bedroom Villa at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli

    The epitome of sophistication, overwater John Jacob Astor Estate Maldives luxury villa, arguably the most luxurious villa in Maldives boasts impeccable design, luxury amenities and panoramic views of the tropical ocean waves in the Maldives.

    John Jacob Astor Estate Maldives three-bedroom Maldives luxury villa features a furnished terrace with a 92-square-meter private swimming pool framed by a plush daybed, sofas and sun loungers. Opening onto the terrace, the palatial living room is distinguished by its lofty ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which suffuse the space with natural light. Modern entertainment options include a 55-inch Bang & Olufsen LCD television and a Bose sound system.

    St Regis Maldives caroline Astor Estate Maldives

    Caroline Astor Estate Maldives at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli

    The Caroline Astor Estate Maldives is hidden among the lush garden and surrounded by palm trees. The luxury and privacy provided by this Maldives luxury resort is beyond measurable. However, so much more awaits for you at the bountiful island of St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort.

    The food provided by the highly experienced chefs at the restaurant will leave your taste buds longing for more. The spa provides therapeutic rejuvenation through holistic massages and wellness treatments. The adventures, from thrilling jetski rides to snorkeling sessions, are filled with endless possibilities. Sharing priceless moments with your loved ones, you are surrounded by unforgettable moments that stick to you even after your journey at Caroline Astor Estate in St. Regis Maldives has ended.

    Soneva Fushi Villa 14

    Soneva Fushi Villa 14 – 3 Bed Room Residence with Pool

    Soneva Fushi Villa 14 is the perfect holiday destination to savor as a family or with your closest friends. Luxury, privacy, and tranquility, complemented by the awe-inspiring surroundings of a tropical paradise. We guaranty you that even a week of a getaway at this exquisite villa will leave you longing for more.

    Soneva Fushi Villa 37

    Soneva Fushi Villa 37 – 5 Bed Room Residence with Pool & Water Slide

    Even among the high standards of Maldives luxury resorts, this villa shines outs with its awe-inspiring wonders and incredible beauty which is second to none. Soneva Fushi Villa 37 is perfect for a large group of family and friends looking for a long getaway to the Maldives. Ample spaces to unwind. Leisures that transcends luxury.

    The Residence Maldives lagoon pool villa - Aerial

    The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah Lagoon Pool Villa

    Located over the lagoon of the the Residence Maldives Dhigurah, the Residence Maldives Lagoon Pool Villa offer an oasis of serenity and an indulgence of comfort. Immerse in a luxurious bathroom experience with a large bathtub and indoor and outdoor showers. Soak in the idyllic surroundings from your private verandah and pool, and a private garden at your doorstep.

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