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Maldives globally labelled as the ‘sunny side of life’, is one of the top tropical holiday destinations around the globe. Packed with hotels, guesthouses and resorts, Maldives has a lot to offer. A lot to do to make it more fun. The tropical gems of the Maldives, are available for you to experience the Maldivian culture and lifestyle, whereas in the resorts of Maldives you can have the lavish and luxurious facilities and services. Lots of activities and experiences are on board just for you, at this tropical paradise!

Top 15 things to do in Maldives

Island hopping

There are hundreds of islands in Maldives, all surrounded by the crystal clear waters and packed with uniqueness and different experiences. You can travel to these islands by ferries or speedboats and enjoy the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Island hopping is possible because of the short distance within the islands in an atoll of Maldives. Discover the flora and fauna, enjoy the white sandy beaches, the mangroves or even experience the Maldivian lifestyle such as the Maldivian cuisine, how it is prepared and etc. Especially, due to island hopping, you get to see the Maldivian lifestyle with just your own eyes, closely. What’s more fun than this? To experience new things and see the true Maldives, book our North Male Island Hopping Day Tour or South Male Island Hopping Tour.

Water Sports

Whether it is the guesthouses in Hulhumale’ or a guesthouse in Mahibadhoo any other island, or the resorts, wherever you go, you are guaranteed to enjoy the water sports in Maldives. As the Indian Ocean is surrounded by wherever you go, feel the salty air and enjoy the crystal clear waters by hopping on the jetski. Furthermore, parasailing, canoeing, and even windsurfing are offered in Maldives along with many others. Hit your adrenaline rushes and enjoy these water sports and get a good tan, with your friends! What about a dive underwater? See the mesmerizing corals or even the marine life closely? What a thrilling and adventurous way to make your Maldivian stay much more memorable!

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Fishing is the second greatest source of income in Maldives. Indeed, because the islands of Maldives are surrounded the sea. Getting to experience your first fishing trip in Maldives could be truly fun. Maldivians take fishing trips more than just a fishing trip. Food packed, music fulfilling the ear buds, and great fishing spots will definitely give you the best of fishing experience. As you start fishing with your rods, with a bait the fishes will be hungry to eat it and then you will feel a heavy pull, make sure to pull out your rod from the sea as soon as possible. Want to know another trick? Make sure to hide the hook with the bait!

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Safari Tour or Liveabaord Tour

Want to have a fun trip, but with all the lavish amenities? How about a safari tour around the Maldives? Yes, you can eat the fresh seafood and also sleep in a well-serviced room with a great view! The safaris in Maldives offer diving chances too. Visit the most famous diving spots such as Hanifaru Bay, and see the sharks/manta rays closely. Without a doubt, a safari tour would be completely exciting with a diving trip. Moreover, the safari tours get you to enjoy the sun shine and visit the Maldives islands. Could you call this an all-in-one fun trip? Safari tours could be your ultimate Maldivian holiday experience, with never ending fun things!

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Camping on a desert island beach

Who said that you can only camp on the high mountains? Want a tropical way of camping? In Maldives, you can camp on the uninhabited islands. Yes, bring your tents and experience the tropical camping. Uninhabited islands are almost in each and every atoll of Maldives. Visit them by a speedboat or a dhoni, and fix up your tents. Listen to the waves crashing on the shore while you sleep. Or gaze the bright sky with shining stars while you warm yourself with fireplace. Imagine camping with your friends while you sing songs and enjoy yourselves, with no interference. While you enjoy the quiet ambience, make sure to put on some mosquito repellent, for your own safety!


Photo shoots in Maldives could definitely be a fun and also a great way to store the beauty of Maldives. Many freelance photographers are available in Maldives, to be booked on your demand, with reasonable prices. You can choose the backdrop such as the beach, sand banks or even some beautiful mangroves or parks. Drone as well portrait photo sessions could be carried out capturing the beauty of Maldives, with you in it! The photographs are edited accordingly by the Maldivian, creative photographers. Yes, in a honeymoon, even a photo shoot could be really fun. As you laugh with your love, the photographers capture the moment with a beautiful and breathtaking backdrop such as the sunsets. You could also take photo flight journey by sea plane to take photographs of beautiful islands & coral reefs.


Shopping could be most fun in the capital city of Maldives, Male’. Different types of shops, starting from clothing to home appliances, the stores in Male’ are updated to the trends around the globe. Although the price could be little high, there are few shops which offers the items at a sale price. Apart from that, in some islands there are souvenir shops filled with souvenirs for you to take home. Key chains, post cards, t-shirts, beach towels as well as tropical necklaces are available at these stores at a reasonable price. Shopping with your pals, holding the bags full of goodies could be definitely shopping goals.


Visiting the historical, cultural and natural places of Maldives could be very much thrilling and exciting. Getting to know more information about these places and stories behind it would be definitely a fun thing for someone who is adventurous. The Islamic Centre as well as The National Museum of Maldives are some places in Male’ where you can learn a lot about Maldivian culture, if you are with a tour guide. The most historical items are kept at the National Museum for everyone to learn more about the Maldivian history. Similarly, the mangroves, nature parks in the islands are truly scenic and fun to visit. If you have a few hours before our departure from Maldives, why not book a Male’ city day tour?

Destination dining

If you are at a resort, or at a guesthouse, the accommodation providers make sure that your desires are fulfilled in each and every way, even if it is about where you dine. The Maldivian holiday experience could be a lot fun if you dine in by the beach under the bright sky lighten up with stars. Or what about a lunch at the nearby sandbank? Both of these dining experience could be undoubtedly a fun and yet a unique experience. Let’s just say that’s how Maldivians do it! Furthermore, what about a dinner just at the shore, while the salty water wets your feet and whole area is brightened up with beautiful lights as you enjoy the romantic dinner.

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Picnics by the beach, or at the uninhabited islands is a famous way for Maldivians to enjoy their holidays or free time. For picnics, you could make delicious meals and take it to the picnic destination. While you eat and play the beach games, you are surely about to get a good tan. Or you want to enjoy a sun bath in your bikini? Make sure to learn about the policies of clothing from the accommodation providers. Otherwise, you could be in hot water! Enjoy the picnics and the salty waters swimming around or snorkeling. Definitely so much fun is packed at Maldives.


Surfing points are all around Maldives. Huge waves are created at the Raalhugandu in Male’ where lot of Maldivians surf. If you are keen to surf even if you do not know how to, do not worry. You can learn surfing at beginner courses at certain resorts/ guesthouses. Learning something new could be pretty exciting and jolly. Some surf points are crowded while others could be all for you and your friends. Before you book your surf holiday in Maldives, make sure that you are coming on surf season, to experience the huge waves.

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Whale submarine ride

Too scared to dive into to see the beautiful fishes and turtles? Look no more. Underwater submarine rides are offered in Male’, Maldives with a 45 minutes dive. As you hop onto this whale submarine, be surprised to see the manta rays and dories swimming away while you capture them. See them so close to you, without having to be scared. In Maldives, this could be a fun activity for anyone who wants to see the marine life in their habitat rather than in an aquarium.

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Fairs/ Night markets

Fairs and night markets are carried out in Maldives from time to time. Travel fairs/ culinary fairs are held in Maldives, in a grand manner exposing the travel offers and the creative and delicious meals prepared by well-known chefs. The night markets in Maldives are held in spacious public places with a wide variety of items and also food stalls. The prices are relatively cheap at these night markets, with a good quality. Furthermore, these days the night markets are opened for arts as well crafts prepared by Maldivians, so you can grab your souvenirs here as well!

Dolphin watching

Fun things to do in Maldives Dolphin watching toursYou are undoubtedly lucky if you get to experience the dolphins swimming in batches. The view could be surely scenic and amazing along with a sunrise or sunsets. Many accommodation providers offers dolphin watching tours for you. The spots for the most famous dolphin batches are identified by them, thus these experiences would not disappoint you. If you are ocean lover, excited to discover or have different experiences the dolphin watching is a perfect ‘fun’ activity for you, because you will definitely enjoy it.

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Mostly, music shows/festivals are held in Maldives during New Year’s Eve. Famous Bollywood stars as well well-known Maldivian artists participate at these shows showing their great and admirable talents. English songs followed by the Dhivehi songs are sung at these music shows. Moreover, Boduberu which hypes you up are performed during these festivals, which uproars the crowds. Wondering how these shows are ended? With fireworks! Begin a new year, with the beautiful fireworks!

These are some of the 15 things you could do to have a fun-filled holiday at Maldives. All your tours and experiences could be booked with Budget Maldives holidays, included in your package according to your preferences. Making your stay at the Maldives memorable and fun is our ultimate goal. As you bring on the fun, make sure to read the policies of your choice of stay!

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