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Maldives Food - Traditional food in Maldives by Budget Maldives

Maldives Food! There is one very important aspect to open yourself up to while travelling to another country. What’s that may you ask? Absorbing the culture of the place. Specifically, the food culture. Surely, one of the most trivial part of the travel is the ‘Food Part’. And it’s not simply eating at a fancy hotel with your fancy cutlery and the 5-star food they serve. Of course the food maybe exquisite but you won’t be experiencing the real taste of the place, straight from its original roots. The same applies to Maldives food and Maldives cuisine. More or less.

The Maldives, is described as a paradise on earth from tourists and travelers all around the globe. A scattered hectors of islands surrounded by the turquoise lagoon and the deep blue ocean with its white sandy beaches and palm fringed coasts, complimented by the unrivalled Maldives luxury resorts. And with great resorts come, great lavishing meals including traditional Maldives cuisine.

Sure, the food served in these restaurants can be complemented using a wide range of words in the English Dictionary. Delicious, delightful, exquisite, mouthwatering, and so on. However, this article isn’t about eating fancy mouthwatering food. It’s about experiencing the The Maldives food at its root. It’s about experiencing something different from the wide array of Maldives cuisine. It’s about infringing a dash of Maldivian culture into your soul so that it may not be forgotten when the vacation to Maldives is over. This articles teaches you to eat Maldives food like a true Maldivian.

Local Food in Maldives

The daily meal plan of a local Maldivian is simple. It’s also heavily dependent on, you’ve guessed it, fish as the country is surrounded by the deep blue ocean and fishing runs through the veins of the most elderlies and even some enthusiastic teenagers of Maldives.

After getting up early in the morning, the number one choice of a delightful breakfast for the Maldivians would be the classic ‘Mas huni’ and ‘Roshi/Roti’. ‘Mas huni’ is ‘The Typical Maldivian Breakfast’ consisting of tuna, onion, chilli and coconut, chopped and mixed together to create a sublime and diverse haven of local flavors, to be enjoyed with ‘Roshi’, a flat bread made of whole meal flour.

For a truly ‘Maldivian’ Lunch or Dinner, two spectacular choices are famous among the locals. The infamous and reputed ‘Garudhiya’ or the equally famous and reputable ‘Rihaakuru’. ‘Garudhiya’ (Fish soup) consists of the simplest of recipes, a fish boiled in water. Although, the locals have their own techniques and secrets to step it up a bit and make it that much better. ‘Rihaakuru’ also follows the same procedure, but follows additional steps that makes it a tad bit more complicated. The ‘Garudhiya’ is liquid, colorless and has a fish taste to it while the ‘Rihaakuru’ is sticky, brown and gives you a unique and salty taste. Both are enjoyed with plain rice, accompanied by some chilies, lemons and sides dishes containing mainly of fishes. These dishes are the pinnacle of Maldivian food and have been enjoyed since the most earliest of days.

Another food that might peak your interest in this naturally blessed country is ‘Hedhika’, the Maldivian version for snacks. An evening tea would be incomplete for a Maldivian without these small marvels. These snacks mostly feature fried dough with tuna and other ingredients stuffed in them. They maybe small in size, but for what they lack will surprise you with a burst of rich Maldivian style flavor as each of these snacks has something unique up their sleeves.

Where to eat Maldives Food

In short, you can opt 3 choices to take these delightful Maldives cuisines. Resorts or Maldives guesthouses, restaurants and cafes or tea shops. Resorts in Maldives, with their wide selections of food from Thai to Indian and other international cuisines around the world are also known to serve Maldivian cuisines. Same goes with the restaurants as almost all of them offer the infamous Maldivian breakfast, ‘Mas huni and Roshi’ with a little bit of creative gestures added to them.

However, the local Maldivians do not tend to go to resorts and restaurants to consume local food. In fact, it is enjoyed in the homes with the company of loved ones or at a small local café while having a delightful chat with companions. To experience the true nature of the food in its rawest content, you might want to visit the local cafés/teashops (also known as Hotels) easily accessible in any local island of Maldives. Some of the greatest joys in life comes, not with the main event itself, but through the atmosphere and positive vibes which surrounds the it.

In conclusion, in order for you to eat the Maldivian way, do it in a simple place where the food is served through its purest form. Relieve your curiosity and bless your tongue with these local cuisines.

It’s not enough to just book a Maldives holiday – you also have to experience Maldives cuisine at one of these best restaurants in Maldives.

  • Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant
  • Seagull Café
  • Symphony Restaurant

It’s easy to enjoy traditional food in Maldives, when you are visiting the Maldives. For those Maldives fans who would like to prepare Maldives food dishes at home, here is how to prepare one of our favourite Maldives food dishes.

How to prepare a Maldivian traditional food dish

Gabulhi Faroshi Boakiba


  • 3 cups faroshi powder (rusk powder)
  • 6 eggs
  • 200 grams butter
  • 200 grams sugar
  • 10 almonds (cut lengthwise)
  • 4 drops almond essence
  • 1 cup grated young coconut (gabulhi)
  • 1/2 cup fresh milk


  • Beat butter and sugar. Add the eggs and beat thoroughly
  • Add the faroshi or dry rusk powder. Gently Mix
  • Add the milk, grated young coconut and almond essence
  • Grease a baking tray and pour the mixture. Smoothen the top and spread the almond on top
  • Bake in a preheated oven
  • Cut into pieces and serve
  • Enjoy

Source: Dhumashi

If you are interested to experience the Maldives food while visiting the Maldives simply complete a Maldives holiday enquiry form and you will get to experience Maldives food and the best restaurants in Maldives .

For more inspiration, take a look at our Maldives tour packages; remember – everything we create is tailor-made so these are just a starting point.

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