A tropical paradise and one of Africa’s gems. Located east of Madagascar, south east coast of Africa, amidst the vast Indian Ocean is Mauritius. A Mauritius holiday means, a holiday to one of the top luxury tourism destination in the world.

Being one of Africa’s wealthiest destination, arguably on top, Mauritius features awe-inspiring tropical surroundings, deeming worthy to be on your bucket list for your upcoming holiday destinations. Lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches and the turquoise water that surrounds is every bit of reason to go on holidays to Mauritius.

Of course, its stunning environments are not the only factor coming into play on your Mauritius Holidays. No. The destination is also blessed with the best luxury resorts by famous hotel brand names as well. In fact, it’s one of the best destination for an all-inclusive luxury vacation, and one of the reasons why you should consider going on a Mauritius Holiday experience on your next vacation.

Excitement, luxury, and relaxation, this volcanic paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean lets you embark on one of the best tropical getaway experience, providing exclusive Mauritius Holidays, authentic culture, local food, and all-inclusive resorts.

Best time for Mauritius Holidays

The great thing about holidays to Mauritius is in fact the tropical climate of the place. A tropical climate means no extremely varying temperatures. A Mauritius holiday is good to go all year round.

November to April in Mauritius is when the temperature gets the warmest and maintains and average temperature of 26 Degree Celsius (79 Fahrenheit). It’s the best time to hop on to your bikini and swim suites and enjoy being sun kissed one the beach. From May to October the temperature drops to an average of 23 Degree Celsius (73 Fahrenheit). If you are planning to go on a holiday to Mauritius for surfing, then this is the time to go.

What to Know Before Booking Your Holiday to Mauritius

When going on holidays to the Mauritius, one important thing to keep in mind is how to pack for it. It’s not surprising that the Mauritius is a warm place, considering the tropical environment that the place features. A Mauritus holiday means, light clothing, sun screens, shades, and even packing a hat, not only protect you from the sun, but to give your photos a tropical vibe as well.

While you can dress pretty lightly it’s also important to know when to cover up on you Mauritius holidays. Remember to be respectful when walking around town and entering sacred temples.
The Experience of a Mauritius Holiday

From the highest peak of the fiery mountains to the depths of the ever blue ocean, it’s safe to say there are lots of activities to do and numerous attractions to see on your Holidays to the Mauritius. The only thing you need is to bring your sense of adventure and curiosity.

The breathtaking attractions plays a huge part in making your Mauritius holidays specials. Discover the ancient temple along with the culture and tradition of people. Explore the volcanic peaks and take in the scenery. The 800m high mountain home is home to some of the rarest animals. The Pamplemousses botanical garden features the most exotic flowers, and an impressive array of lush foliage.

There are lots to discover on the Mauritius Holiday, but equally, lots to do as well. For instance, playing golf on world class golf courses. Snorkeling through the reefs. Fishing, Holi festivals, expeditions… the list goes on. Of course you could also spend your Mauritius holiday completely lazing around your top classs luxurious villa, tanning on the beach, and engaging in authentic Mauritian taste. The choice is yours.

A holiday to Mauritius consists of a balance of luxury, relaxation, adventure and cultural experiences, making the getaway diverse, unique, memorable, and most importantly, fulfilling.

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