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Maldives, bundles of islands, the perfect tropical heaven with the sunny side of life, has a lot to offer. Apart from the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters in the resorts and local islands, the city life in the Maldives is going to be amazing and is only possible in the capital of Maldives. So, what is the capital of Maldives? The one and only Male’ is the capital of the Maldives. Also, wondering how to pronounce the Maldives capital, “Male’ “? It is pronounced as “Maa-leh”.

With tall buildings, international cuisine restaurants and numerous shops with wide variety of products, Maldives capital is your fix to the shopping thrill and food cravings, after or before your dreamy tropical getaway. The capital of Maldives is 100% different from the local islands of the Maldives, few greens and more buildings with a hectic environment, just like a city. However, a stay in Male’ is totally worth it and day tours in Male’, Maldives is definitely to go for!

Where is the Capital of Maldives?

Located in the Kaafu Atoll of the Maldives, Male’ is flooded up with high-rise buildings. Close by the Maldives International Airport, Velana International Airport as well as Domestic Airport of Maldives, Male’ can be reached by three ways, by ferry, speedboat or by car. Ferry fares are cheaper than the taxis fares, so if you are on a budget travelling by a ferry is highly adequate. Also, since Male’ city is close by the airports, even if you arrive on a midnight flight and your next journey to the final destination is in the morning, you can get your good night sleep in guesthouses/ hotels in the Maldives capital city, for an affordable price as well. No worries, stay comfortable! Duly note that Maldives capital is easily accessible from the Maldives Capital Airport, Velana International Airport. The Maldives Capital City Airport Code is MLE.

Maldives Capital and Major Cities

As specified before, the Maldives capital is Male’. As the highest populated island, Male’ is urbanized and is often regarded as a concrete jungle due to the buildings in the large landmass. Moreover, there are two more atolls considered as Maldives cities. Addu Atoll also referred as Addu City, have a population of approximately 33,694, in 2013. It is located in the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. Furthermore, you will surely be astonished by their distinct dialect. With beautiful islands and resorts around, this city brings out the Maldivian experience with beautiful greenery and nature. The third city is called Fuvahmulah City, which is an island called Fuvahmulah, the only island in Gnaviyani Atoll. With a population of around 13,037 in 2014, the Fuvahmulah City offers an awesome tropical yet Maldivian experience with amazing attractions.

Where to stay in the Maldives Capital

With many hotels as well as guesthouses established in the capital of Maldives, your stay in the city will be definitely remarkable with the great hospitality and excellence of services. Offering different price ranges, there is a place for everyone to stay within their reasonable budget. Look no more, enjoy the city life in Madives, Male’ by staying in one of the best hotels in Male Maldives.

Mookai Hotel

Perfect for a just overnight stay before your final destination, Mookai Hotel is only 5-minutes’ walk away from the Airport Jetty. With a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, the rooms in Mookai Hotel features great in-room services with unlimited comfort. Furthermore, a rooftop swimming pool is situated in this hotel, where you can take a swim with an undoubtedly beautiful view. Moreover, for your city stay even, this hotel is great with their incredible and fun excursions, all within a budget for the perfect holiday. Furthermore, breakfasts are offered in Mookai Hotel, with an extra charge, in different styles such as American, Vegetarian and many more.

Champa Central Hotel

A terrace featured in this property, Champa Central Hotel has a restaurant on the premises as well as a 24 hr front desk. Moreover, the comfortable rooms in the hotel is air-conditioned, a flat TV screen, a shower and hair dryer. Apart from that, you can organize a tour with the tour desk in the Champa Central Hotel, include all the places you would like to visit in the Male’ City and be ready to get your jaws dropped!

Samann Grand

As one of the top picks from the capital of Maldives on, Samann Grand offers accommodation options with utmost privacy. The private balconies in the rooms, a private bathroom with free toiletries, Samann Grand is a luxurious place to stay. Additionally, a 24 hr front desk as well as free wifi in the premises, a continental breakfast is available every morning. With sea view rooms, would you not like to stay here?

Maagiri Hotel

Just in front of the Hulhumale’ ferry terminal, Maagiri Hotel gives you a view of the magnificent Indian Ocean. Breathtaking view from the room, the rooms are featured with wardrobes and private bathrooms. Similarly, a restaurant is on the hotel as well some restaurants are close by the premises. Duly note, this hotel features family hotel rooms as well.

Enquire about Maagiri Hotel Price

Somerset Inn

As one of the best sellers in Male’ City on, the Somerset Inn is a great choice for businessmen, or couples on their romantic getaway. Free wifi in rooms, there is a restaurant on site of Somerset Inn, making it all flexible for an easy and time-saving meal time or food cravings. Additionally, lush in-room amenities such as air-conditioned rooms and flat TV-screen for your entertainment is featured in the rooms of Somerset Inn, Male’ City.  A 24-hour front desk is operated in this exotic hotel, ready to serve you! Also, if your stay at in Male’ is only for a day, you can visit the National Museum of Maldives which is only 500m away from Somerset Inn, pretty close. Dwell in the interesting history of Maldives!

Hotel Jen Male’, Maldives by Shangri-La

Hotel Jen Maldives ensures that all the comfort and best of all facilities are provided to you. A rooftop swimming pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Hotel Jen Maldives is truly blissful. As you lay down on the pool beds, getting your skin tanned, the beautiful sky will amaze you. Apart from that, this 4 star hotel offers free speedboat transfers from Male’ International Airport. Furthermore, furnished with dark wood and with a view of the Indian Ocean and skyline, Hotel Jen rooms are filled with comfort and luxury. A 24-hr café is featured on the premises, great coffee with good people! What’s more to ask for?

Enquire about Hotel Jen price

Hawa Inn 1

As a low-cost guesthouse, Hawa Inn 1 provides air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom and also a flat-screen TV for your entertainment. Apart from that, there is currency exchange service available on the premises, for your flexibility. Clean yet simple rooms at Hawa Inn 1 is all worth the price and greatly apt for budget travelers since the rooms are all for the utmost comfort. In addition to that, this property features a 24-hr front desk, to serve you.

Tourist Inn

Tourist Inn is a guesthouse in Maldives Capital, offering great rooms for a reasonable price.  Additionally, the rooms are air-conditioned and flat TV-screens are featured in these rooms. The shared kitchen and lounges are situated in this accommodation where you can relax and get socialized too. Moreover, laundry and ironing services are available on the premises, for all your comfort. After a visit to the Rasfannu Beach, which is approximately 600 m away from Tourist Inn, you can wash your clothes and never worry about running out of clothes to wear! Tourist Inn is all for your comfort!

Amina Residency

Featuring modern interiors, Amina Residency is in the Male’ City, close by Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal only 400 meters away. Express check-in and check-out services with a 24 hr front desk is featured in this guesthouse. Moreover, the rooms at Amina Residency is featured with seating area and comfortable beds as the Air-conditions cools up the room. With great in-room features and the modern interiors, the guest rooms are all awesome for unlimited luxury and comfort. Duly note, a continental breakfast is available at this property.

Things to do in Male’ City, Maldives Capital

The city experience of Maldives, desirably fulfilled in Male’, there are many things to do in this lively city. As people roam around, with huge traffic around you can witness how fun Male’ can be as well. Filled with unlimited things to do, memories to make, remarkable experiences Male’ is all for your fun!

Shopping in Maldives Capital

Shopping fanatic? Me too! There are many shops around Male’, specifically in Majeedhee Magu, where many products are available in all one road. Walking around shopping in Male’ would not be so much tiring but could be troublesome if you are alone. Grocery shops, shoe shops and many clothes shops are in Majeedhee Magu, with great prices. Make your shopping list, and fulfil your shopping desires in the Maldives.

Sightseeing in Maldives Capital

In Male’ Capital, there are many places you can visit for sightseeing. As you start your sightseeing adventure, make sure you have charged your cameras/ phones to get the best clicks of the amazing places in Male’, Maldives. Sightseeing could be definitely worth it with multi-lingual tour guides since they can provide you with important and useful information about places. Be jaws-dropped with the sights you see!


A picnic by the beach? Can be achieved in the one and only Male’ too! The Rasfannu Beach and Artificial beach in Male’ are beaches where you can carry out picnics with your love or kids, as they enjoy the white sandy beach. Pack your picnic essentials and begin a remarkable picnic with amazing views and grateful beach memories.


There is a surfing spot in the Maldives called Raalhugandu, where many Maldivian surfers get their daily surfing cravings satisfied. As the huge waves form, surfing in Raalhugandu is definitely awesome with the view of the Sinamale’ Bridge of the Maldives. What a picturesque view to experience! Moreover, there are many guesthouses as well as surf shops nearby Raalhugandu of Male; city, making it all easy and flexible for anyone who loves surfing. If you are one of them, do not miss this experience!

Visit to Hulhumale’/ Villingili

Both of these islands are close to Male’ City and surely a distinguishing experience for anyone! Hulhumale’ a developing island, is very much refreshing to visit. Fresh air and greens around, many flats and buildings are under construction in the island. Reachable by bus, ferry and car, Hulhumale’ is filled with fun activities too. A barbecue spot and unlimited watersports excursions. However, Villingili is a whole different story. Environmental friendly options used, Villingili offers watersports and a great public beach perfect for a swim. Moreover, reachable by ferry, there are many people living in these both islands as well.

Salon visits

Desiring for a glow facial or change of hair color for the vacation? In the capital of Maldives, Male’ there are many salons for your beauty wishes during the stay. Many salons offer great facials for the glow and hydration for a reasonable. For instance, Nada Salon in Male’ is great for hair treatments, facials such as Sothy’s facial as well as hair coloring with expertise. Also some massages and spa time? At Nada Salon and many more salons spa is offered with utmost professionalism and with great care!

Where to eat in Maldives Capital

Located in different areas of the Male’ City, there is lots of restaurants/cafés, offering different cuisines, in wide varieties. Different styles of interiors, the restaurants in the capital of Maldives is captivating and the food is totally drool worthy. Perfect for just a grab on or even a romantic date. The food is totally delicious.

Seagull Café

One of the most highly-rated restaurant in Maldives, where there are many varieties of meals as well as drinks available which are 100% savory and mouth-watering. Also, Seagull Café is close to some of the hotels/guesthouses, could be your favourite food spot in Male’ City, after all. Additionally, the desserts and ice-cream options available at Seagull Café is to die for! Undoubtedly, so good and so worth it!

Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant

In the heart of Male’, closer to most attractions in Male’ city, Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant offers tasty food. Breakfast buffets to dinner buffets the price is cheaper and so much of great value. Also, you can choose from the menu, and it will surely be amazing and tasty, you might come for more! The ambience in Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant is quiet and comfortable as it is indoor as well as air-conditioned. Perfect for a family dinner!

Harbour Food Court

Close to IGMH and Villingili Ferry terminal, the Harbour Food Court has many restaurants offering different cuisines. Particularly Banana Leaf, Oxygen and Biriyani Royal are most famous! The food court features a lot of restaurants, thus you can grab your lunch here and devour in it!

Secret Recipe Maldives

As an international food outlet, Secret Recipe Maldives is just not only about the cakes. Apart from the tasty cakes, the spaghettis and other dishes are surely a blessing to your taste buds. The Secret Recipe Maldives in Male’ city offers reasonable prices, for the greatly flavorful food. Located in Majeedhee Magu, this could be the perfect spot for your meals after a shopping spree! Notably, Secret Recipe Maldives is the only restaurant in Male’ to provide boba tea, which is definitely recommended!

Bamboo Resto

Got Indian food cravings? Then, take your ride to Bamboo Resto! One of the best Indian restaurant in the capital of Maldives, to take your Indian food dreams to another level. Almost all the Indian meals available, particularly the Biriyani which is served in a bamboo will make your jaws drop! Drinks and even pizzas customized to the Indian taste, the Bamboo Resto is perfect for a date or even a family dinner. Particularly, the ambience of Bamboo Resto is calm yet beautiful, as the walls are made of bamboos. This restaurants represents its name the best!

Thai Wok

Infront of the Hotel Jen Male’, Thai Wok is distinctly specialized in providing Thai food, and the luscious Tom-Yum soup is also available at Thai Wok! From spring rolls to mango sticky rice, the meals offered at this Thai restaurant in Male’ City is super worthy and all drool-worthy. If you love Thai food or wish to devour them, make sure to visit Thai Wok during your city stay!

MedMex Bistro

Who else love churros? I definitely do! Medmex Bistro, particularly offering Mexican food

Such as Nachos, the spaghettis at MedMex is super delicious too! With retro interiors, the pictures at MedMex Bistro is surely going to be a super hit in Instagram, also remember to put on the Mexican hats for the fantastic Mexican vibe. Apart from that, the prices at MedMex is totally great with the great customer service! Also, the staff are dressed Mexican too, definitely awesome appearance!

Coffee Club Maldives

Located just in the Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal, Coffee Club Maldives is definitely popular among everyone! Delicious coffee, great food and what a view! Never ending perfection! Close to hotels, the Coffee Club Maldives is open most of the time and also offers great food, specially a great breakfast! The huge “The Big Breakfast” is to die for! Whole plate full of deliciousness and freshness, it is the perfect breakfast to kick start your day in the city. Do try it out?

Tourist attractions in Male’, Maldives Capital

Full with many attractions, to leave you amazed, the capital of Maldives is awaiting for you to visit! The tourist attractions in Male’ is mostly free of charge and represents the historical places of the Maldives, mostly. Either way, the tourist attractions are pleasurably beautiful and closer to each other, saving time and energy!

Male’ Fish Market

Fish Market in Maldives Capital - Male MaldivesSomeone who rarely sees a fish that is almost alive or barely dead? In the local fish market of Male’, you surely can witness that! Packed up with fresh catches from the day, the fish market is smelly, but totally place worth to visit. Undoubtedly, you will be astonished seeing different types of fishes, just from the Indian Ocean, all in front of you! If you would like to visit, make sure to include this in your tour!

Local Market in Maldives Capital

Just few meters away from the Male’ fish market, the Local Market is packed up with fresh fruits and vegetables from different local islands of the Maldives, all tropically grown in the Maldives. From mangoes to watermelons, the fresh fruits at the Male’ local market is affordable in price and tasty to the taste buds as well. On a hot sunny day, eating these fresh fruits could freshen you up!

Grand Friday Mosque

A place to see, for sure if you are in Male’. Grand Friday mosque is a huge mosque in Male’ city with great and impressive carvings and huge monument. Ladies have to cover themselves before entering this mosque. Also, it is super clean and fabulous inside the mosque bringing out the best of Islamic culture. Duly note, during sunsets the Grand Friday Mosque looks magnificent.

Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque)

Hukuru Kisky in Maldives Capital - Male MaldivesMade out of limestone collected from coral reefs in the Maldives, in the early 1600’s the Hukuru Miskiy is surely well-maintained and impressive. Furthermore, the carvings on the monument and the mosque itself will leave you startled because of the talented Maldivians in the old age. Moreover, a cemetery is also on the grounds of this mosque, where you can get an impression of how people are buried in the Maldives. Do not forget to get picture perfect with the beautiful monument in the Hukuru Miskiy.

National Museum

The National Museum of the Maldives, located in Male’ is a huge building monitored well. A ticket is to be taken before you enter the museum where you can get a perfect perspective of the Maldives history. With historical treasures and artifacts, the museum is surely give you lots of knowledge about the interesting history of the Maldives, including the kings of the Maldives as well.

Rasrani Bageecha (park) & Winter park

Re-opened after modernized, the Rasrani Bageecha, previously referred as Sultan Park is surely a bliss to your eyes. An evening out with your kids, the Rasrani Bageecha features some play areas as well as fish ponds. You can chill out in the Rasrani Bageecha free of charge, while your kids enjoy playing. The pictures at Rasrani Bageecha is mesmerizingly beautiful too! Moreover, the winter park at Rasrani is a fun experience in the Male’. You can skate and play with snow in the Winter park of the Male’, definitely unique! A charge is included for you to enjoy these activities in Winter park!

Day tours from Maldives Capital

Many day tours are available from the Male’ city. All different, yet captivating!

Whale Submarine Tour in Maldives

A 45 minute dive in the one and only submarine in the Maldives, this tour is your chance to witness the beauty of underwater! Dinner served in the night rides, the Maldives submarine tour will showcase the mantas and sharks feeding and enjoying their habitat. As you see this with your eyes, you will surely remember it for life.

Resort Day Trips

On a budget yet desires to experience a Maldivian resort experience? Day Trips to Maldives Resorts are totally satisfactory! Located in nearby Male’, the resorts feature a tropical environment with the crystal clear waters. Moreover, these resort day trips includes return transfers by speedboat, lunch and also many activities at the resort. Resorts inclusive in the day trips are Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Adaaran Prestige Vaadoo, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, Banyan Tree Maldives and many more exotic resorts in the islands of the Maldives.

Full Day Adventure Tour

A day tour offered by Budget Maldives, the Full Day Adventure Tour consists of 2 snorkeling spots, a local island tour, relaxation time on a sand bank, and complete the tour with a sunset cruise in looking for dolphins. The tour gives you an opportunity to witness the real, tropical Maldivian experience, in the local islands as well as the breathtaking underwater beauty of the Maldives. Inclusive of the tour, there is return transfers by speedboat to Hulhumale’ jetty, Safety briefing, buoyancy aid, lunch buffet, snorkeling equipment and services of the guide as well.

Sand bank and sunset cruise

This tour is perfect for a relaxing and romantic getaway, away from the city. Sand bank trips for an awesome picnic, or just tan time, where you can relax as the sun shines on your bare skin. Moreover, the sandbanks are amazingly beautiful where you can have a great swim or even carry out a photo shoot with the love of your life.  After the sand bank time, the sunset cruise in search for dolphins will make your jaws drop with the golden sky as it reflects on the Indian Ocean. Also, you are definitely lucky to witness dolphins on this cruise, a sight never forgotten. In this excursion, return transfers to Hulhumale’ jetty is included along with safety briefing, buoyancy aid, water bottle, snorkeling equipment, sun umbrella and services of the guide.

Half day snorkeling tour Maldives

Someone who loves the ocean? Or snorkeling? Then this tour is just for you! Hop on a speedboat for a snorkeling safari, half of the day. In this tour, you can visit the 2-3 best snorkeling spots near Male’ city. In these snorkeling points, you could visit sting rays swimming around or even the cute turtles in their environment. Explore the marine life, and be in awe! Duly note, sites to visit depending on the weather and tides. This tour is available in the morning as well as afternoon.

North Male’ Island Hopping Tour

A trip to local islands Himmafushi and Huraa is included in North Male’ Island Hopping Tour. In these trips, you will witness how Maldivians live in the local islands, the hospitality of the Maldivians as well as the actual Maldivian lifestyle. In Huraa, the boat building yard visit will give you an insight of how boats are built in the Maldives as well as the impressive talent of those who build it! The mangroves and fresh water lakes at Huraa is perfect photo spot! In Himmafushi, you can have your lunch in a local restaurant and visit some souvenir shops to take few souvenirs home!

South Male’ Island Hopping Tour Maldives

The South of Male’, Gulhi and Maafushi Island is great for a visit! Included in the South Male’ Island Hopping these islands offer firsthand information about the Maldivian lifestyle. The visits to these islands will provide you with the knowledge of the Maldivian history, lifestyle and their hospitality. Be amazed by it! In Gulhi, get an idea of how Maldivians live and in Maafushi you can have lunch at a local restaurant and visit some souvenir shops too. If you wish, you can visit home of a local family too!

Maafushi Sand Bank Tour

A fun sand bank tour in the Maldives. By a speedboat, your tour starts as you stop by 3 snorkeling spots. As you snorkel in these beautiful underwater, you will fall in love with every time! You will never get tired of it and be amazed by it every time! Colorful fishes, the marine life itself will leave you in awe. Furthermore, if you are in luck, then your tour could be more remarkable if you witness manta rays, turtles and whale sharks! Totally lucky! After snorkeling, relax on the sand bank and enjoy the breathtaking view! It is definitely refreshing and relaxing. With utmost privacy, this tour is perfect for honeymooners as well.

Getting around Male, Capital of Maldives

Maldives Capital, not so huge in land, it is easy to travel. Rarely the huge traffics would arise, thus travelling to your desired places would not be time consuming.


In Maldives, getting a taxi could be hard due to some circumstances such as the time and place. However, most of the time you can get a taxi from the roads or call taxi centers and get to your destination for a taxi fare of MVR 25/-.

Avas Ride

Avas Ride is an application where you can book taxis, vans or pickups (preorder as well). The fares from Avas Ride is similar. For easier pickups as well as drop offs the Male’ Map is featured in the Avas Ride. Moreover, you can go to the Male’ International Airport and Hulhumale’ from Avas Ride as well. Download Avas Ride from Google Play Store.

Bus Travel to Hulhumale’

There are few bus stops in the Male’ City, but you can surely get a bus from Greater Male’ Terminal in Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu. A card is to be used if you want to travel from bus, thus you can get it from the Bus terminal or even give the money to a local who has a card, thus after recharging it you can start your ride!

Ferry travel to Villingili

Villingili Ferry Terminal is the place where you can take tickets to travel to Villingili. After a 10 minutes ride from the ferry, you can reach to Villingili. It would cost around MVR 5, one way.

Medical Facilities in Maldives Capital

Male’ has many hospitals and clinics, where there are specialized doctors. The government hospitals in Male’ are called Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and Dharumavantha Hospital. Some other hospitals include ADK Hospital and many more.

Apart from that, there are plenty clinics in Male’ with great doctors and most of the facilities. Duly note, ADK Hospital, IGMH and Dharumavantha Hospital is opened 24hrs.

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