India to Maldives – The Maldives has remained a popular destination for a blissful vacation among Indians for many years. The exotic escape remains one of the best places reachable from India to enjoy the best sun, sand, and sea experience in the entirety of the Indian Ocean. Whether you are an Indian planning your Maldives honeymoon to one of the beach resorts in Maldives or a visitor stopping to discover the lively streets of India before escaping into the isles of Maldives, here are some of the ways to reach Maldives from India.

The good news is there are direct routes from the Maldives to India, such as Air India, for a seamless transition to the Velana International airport of Maldives. The Colombo stop is also a regular route taken by flights such as Sri Lankan Airlines. Spice Jet, IndiGo, Emirates, and SilkAir are also some airlines that operate to Maldives from India. You can easily book a return flight to Maldives for about $200-$400 and reach the Male International airport within 2hours (average cost and time).

From Kerala, India to Maldives

Kerala is one of the states of India in which you can travel to Maldives very easily. The trip from Thiruvananthapuram to Maldives international airport takes about 1hr 30mins. The average economy return tickets cost about $100 to $250. If you are in Kerala, you might also be traveling from Kochi. Your options are almost the same as Thiruvananthapuram. In March, you can find economy class return tickets from IndiGo Airlines for $177. The duration is about 1hr 30min for a direct flight to the Maldives.

Air India Limited, IndiGo, and Spice Jet are some of the airways operating to Maldives from Kerala. You can also find Sri Lankan Airlines running through Colombo for about the same price range. However, the duration of the trip will be doubled.

From Mumbai, India to Maldives

Compared to Bangalore and the Kerala Coast, flights from Mumbai to Maldives takes a bit longer with an average of 3 hours for the whole trip. One of the most common direct flights available is IndiGo. An economy ticket with a return for 14 days is about $220 in March. You will also find 6h layovers to Kochi from IndiGo airlines. Sri Lankan Airlines is also an available option for those who are keen on stopping over to Colombo. During March, you can find return economy class tickets for about $350 with 8-hour stops to Colombo.

From Delhi, India to Maldives

Dehli is one of the farthest cities in India from Maldives. There are lots of flight options available, so you may run into some hassles when organizing a trip to Maldives for your honeymoon or a family vacation. The travel duration is almost 5 hours. You can get a return ticket in economy class for about $250 to $350.

Let’s look at the flight of options that you have when traveling from Delhi to Maldives. Your first option is from IndiGo with one-stop for around $250 in economy class. The flight layovers to Kochi for about 5 hours or to Mumbai for about 3 hours. The total duration takes about 7 to 9 hours with the additional 4hours for flight time.

Similar to many other cities in India, Delhi also has the Colombo route costing around $320 for return tickets in economy class. The flight layover in Colombo is about 2 hours, while the total duration of the trip takes 7 hours.

Your best bet is GoAir that has direct flights to Maldives from Delhi. In January, you can get return tickets for $279 in economy class. The best thing is, the whole trip will take a little over 4 hours.

From Pune, India to Maldives

Are you looking to travel to Maldives from the bustling city of Pune? You will find plenty of flight options that run through the cities of India. A return ticket in economy class cans cost about $120 to $350 with one stop in between. GoAir, Air India Limited, Spice Jet, and IndiGo Airlines are some regulars that fly to Maldives.

For as low as $270, you can find economy return tickets from GoAir for an 8h 30mins trip to the Maldives with a 5-hour layover in Bangalore. You also have a 7-hour Delhi layover option for about $342 with a trip duration of 13hrs 25mins.

From Kolkata, India to Maldives

When traveling from, Kolkata one of the shortest routes available is via the Colombo Stop by Sri Lankan Airlines. If you are planning to go around October, you will find economy class return tickets for about $319. The entirety of the trip takes about seven and a half hours with a 3-hour layover at Colombo.

Of course, you have other flight options from India as well. For about $340, you can travel to Maldives in 10 hours through Mumbai via IndiGo airlines.

Some of the cheapest options are two stops. In August, you can find deals from economy class as low as $120. IndiGo, Spicejet, and GoAir stop to Bangaluru and Kochi before heading to Maldives. Keep in mind that these two-stop options can be more than 24 hours.

From Chennai, India to Maldives

When it comes to traveling to Maldives from Chennai, your most common options are IndiGo, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air India, and Maldivian. The IndiGo and Sri Lankan Airlines are the fastest and cheapest ways to reach the Velana International Airports of Maldives from the city of Chennai.

Through a one and half hour stop in Colombo, you can reach Maldives from Chennai in just 4hours from Sri Lankan Airlines. During March, you can get a return ticket in economy class for around $200. If you are taking the IndiGo option, you can expect 3-hour flight layovers to Kochi or Mumbai and a total duration of 7 to 8 hours for the whole trip.

From Bangalore, India to Maldives

If you are in Bangalore, you are blessed with some of the cheapest flight options from India to Maldives. Currently, more than 20 airlines operate from the two destinations. It’s safe to say there is no shortage of flights, both direct and Indirect. Air Asia, IndiGo, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air India, and GoAir are some of the more noticeable names with regular flights.

For an indirect route, your best option would be Sri Lankan Airlines. Through a 2 hour layover in Colombo, you can find an economy class flight with return with a total duration of 5 hours for about $200.

Your best options are the direct routes from Bangalore to Maldives provided by IndiGo, Air India, and GoAir airlines. In January, you can find deals as low as $80 for a one-way ticket in economy class from GoAir. The best thing is it only takes about 2hours for the whole trip.

Direct Flights to Hanimaadhoo Maldives from India

If your holiday destination is in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, then you can directly fly from some cities of India such as Cochin to Hanimaadhoo island in Haa Dhaalu Atoll Maldives via Maldivian Airline.

It’s the perfect option for a short Maldives weekend getaway at a guesthouse or resort near Hanimaadhoo Island. Speedboats, domestic flights, and seaplane transfers from Male’ International airport to distant resorts are costly. Hence, flying directly to Hanimaadhoo airport can save not only your time but also money for long domestic transfers in the Maldives.

Traveling to the Maldives from India is cheap and easy with flights connecting from different cities of the county. Multiple direct and indirect routes can be taken from different locations of India. If you are in Kerala or Bangalore, you have a considerable advantage as the two particular destinations are closest to Maldives. Nonetheless, your exotic honeymoon destination, fun getaway, or blissful family paradise is just a few hours away.

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