Sri Lanka is considered as a beach lovers paradise. But, there is much more to this country in terms of culture, traditions, history, and the eco-system of the place. If you are planning to go on a holiday to Sri Lanka on your next vacation, then you’ve made the right choice, as there are lots of wonders to see and experiences to have in this country nestled in the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka holidays in its essence mean, numerous palm-fringed beaches to laze on, ancient ruins to behold, warm welcomings of the kind people, and of course, the Chai (Tea) experience.

However, the sad fact remains that the destination is usually overlooked and treated as a pit stop or a gateway to other destinations, overseeing the beauty, rich culture, and other marvels that the place has to offer.

Resorts, history, wildlife, there are so many wonders to discover and a variety of experiences to have at this rather rich destination hidden in the Indian Ocean with a wonderful Sri Lanka holiday.

When to go on a holiday to Sri Lanka

Another great factor that is so convenient about this marvelous destination is that you can enjoy holidays to the Sri Lanka any time you want. Delightful isn’t it? The country features an almost perfect weather condition all year round with an average temperature of 30 Degree Celcius (80 Fahrenheit).

If this seems too hot for you to handle then you might want to try the mountains. The temperature is much cooler. more precisely about an average of 19 Degree Celcius (67 Fahrenheit). If you are planning to go on a Sri Lanka holiday to the mountainside, keep in mind that the weather is different from the rest of the country.

An Exotic World to Explore

Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites packed into one place. 8 Marvelous sites to be exact. From the impressive temples more than 2000 years old to ancient civilizations, and vast stretches of enchanting forests. There is so much to see on Sri Lanka Holidays!

Of course, your exploration is not only constrained to what you see. No. It’s also expanded to what you taste as well. Sri Lanka holidays are filled with the rich and diverse taste of south Asia. From different spices of curry for the main meal to a soothing hot cup of tea in the evening.

Explore the exotic world of this gem of the Indian ocean with fulfilling Holidays to Sri Lanka.

Experiences to have

A Holiday to Sri Lanka not all about exploring impressive sites but engaging in thrilling experiences as well.

The forests, mountains, temples, and villages mean you get to experience a breathtaking hiking experience along the landscape of the country. trekking sessions filled with a rich history and culture. Meeting new people and learning about 2000-year-old civilizations!

But perhaps the highlight of your Sri Lanka holidays would be the Palm-fringed coastlines with their vast stretch of beach, complemented by the impressive resorts. Lazing on the beach, getting the much-needed tan, on your exotic tropical getaway.

You could also discover a whole new world from different perspectives. Diving below the depths of the bountiful world to explore a vibrant underwater paradise. Or perhaps, get a birds-eye view of the destination by going a hot air balloon ride on your Sri Lanka holiday.

For those of you who want a thrill to pump up your adrenaline, rock climbing would be the perfect activity to engage in on your Holiday to Sri Lanka. And there are always dolphin cruises for those of you who want to enjoy a delightful evening in peace.

Between luxury resorts, tantalizing food, breathtaking sights, and exciting adventure, Sri Lanka holidays are best when the right balance is found.

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