Fishing in Maldives with the locals is the ultimate adventure to experience the “Fishing Maldives” holidays. The amazing depths of the underwater world along with the white sandy beaches of the Maldives featuring 5-star luxurious resorts with its unrivaled hospitality plays the major factor in spreading its reputation as the best holiday destination in the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives is usually described as the best honeymoon destination in Asia by many visitors due to its peaceful and tranquil nature of the environment. However, it’s also a haven for people wanting to experience some adventure and a rush of adrenaline on their holidays. The varieties of water sports and fishing excursions  offered by the Maldives resorts and guests houses give the place a unique advantage. Fishing enthusiasts from all over the world visit the country every year wanting to experience a Maldives holiday while enjoying Maldives tuna fishing, and exploring the tales of fishing in Maldives in the past and observing modern fishing in Maldives.

Fishing in Maldives – Lifeblood and pastime

In the early days, the Maldivian lifestyle was simple. Before the sun rises, men would get up from their beds and walk towards their boats after praying their prayers. Then they would set on a journey to the sea and return to their families by sunset after fishing through in the harshest of weather conditions. This is how they earned their money and provided for their families.

Before tourism was introduced, fishing was the main source of income for the country and has been running through Maldivian blood since the early days. These fishermen in Maldives are well respected by the local community in Maldives due to their unique fishing skills and their vast knowledge of the surrounding seas. Even in the present day fishing plays a major role in providing an income for the citizens of Maldives living in local islands.

Why choose fishing Maldives holidays

You can say that Maldives is a country made for fishing. South to India and Sri Lanka is 1192 corals islands grouped by 26 ring-shaped atolls surrounded by nothing but the deep blue ocean. It is a fishing tropical haven where plenty of aquatic life, from large to small, thrive in these coral infested waters undisturbed and peacefully.

Fishing holidays in Maldives resorts

Resorts are a great way to experience some ‘Night Fishing’ or ‘Big Game Fishing’. They provide you with the appropriate gear for the perfect night out with friends. They even provide packages which include even fishing with your loving family. Apart from the fishing experiences, these resorts also provide a variety of other services which shouldn’t be taken for granted. A stay at one of these resorts in Maldives is an unforgettable experience to go through. From the 5 star stays at the water villas to the diverse taste of the exquisite food along with the top-notch hospitality, the resorts in Maldives are worth visiting.

Maldives is well reputed for its large marine species swarming beneath its deep blue ocean. Marline, wahoo, sailfish, tuna and other large species of these aquatic creatures can all be caught if ventured off into the ocean. Along with the right weather conditions and accompanied by the best gears of the luxury sports fishing boat you are guaranteed to catch on of these monsters of the deep.

Big Game Fishing in Maldives

Due to the geographical features that have been blessed to this country by mother nature itself, the types of fishing that can be enjoyed in this tropical paradise is quite vast. The turquoise colored lagoons of the blue sea along with sandy shores makes it the ideal fishing destination.

Fishing methods such as fly fishing and shore fishing are quite common in Maldives and can be successful with the use of strong braid line and wire accompanied by a good lure. Be careful to choose quality but not overpriced lures as they tend to get damaged by the corals.

Jigging and Popping is a fishing method popular around the world and the main method of sports fishing in Maldives. The likes of tuna, red bass, barracuda, giant trevally, and amberjack can be caught with this method of fishing. Be prepared though as you will need the finest of equipment to hook on and pull these fishes out of the water.

To catch the infamous yellowfin tuna, red snappers and groupers you would have to opt the Bottom Fishing technique. This is the main technique used by both the beginners and the tourists as the method can be used with hand lines or rods.

For a thrill of a late night adventure, you can always enjoy some Night Fishing. Get on board the elegantly crafted traditionally crafted Maldivian vessel called the dhoni and set out to the ocean with your head lights on. Enjoy catching some snappers, squirrel fish, jacks and other reef fish under the infinite stars of the galaxy.

Enquire about Maldives fishing trips

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    Best places to stay on a fishing holiday in Maldives

    Private Island resorts with deep-sea fishing excursions Maldives

    It’s no big secret that Maldives fishing resorts are the major factor that contributes to the peerless reputation of Maldives. But one might ask about the services for fishing enthusiast in these resorts in Maldives. With a numerous amount of fishing excursions, the services provided are quite excellent.

    Enjoy the fishing packages provided by the resort from sunset fishing to big game fishing featuring remarkable equipment to make use of to your hearts content. Certainly, the resorts are a remarkable way to experience fishing in Maldives. But it does come with its own set of cons as well. Fishing in resorts can be quite expensive compared to the service and features that are provided. Furthermore, shore fishing is prohibited as it can damage the reef. Nevertheless, an enjoyable experience.

    Featured resorts with deep-sea fishing excursions in Maldives

    Local Island hotel with deep-sea fishing excursions Maldives

    The best way to get the taste of the true Maldivian life. Through the guesthouses in Maldives, you get a more authentic fishing experience for a cheaper price. These Maldives guesthouses will arrange the fishing trip to your recommendation and the guide is usually a person passionate about fishing. Some of the guesthouses in Maldives may not provide as the quality of fishing equipment as the Maldives fishing resorts but you are always free to bring your own gear to have one of the best fishing experiences the Maldives has to offer.

    Maldives fishing charter

    A Maldives fishing charter or renting a Maldives fishing boat is one of the best ways to enjoy Maldives fishing trips. Venture out into the ocean with your family or friends while you experience some of the best fishing locations in the Maldives as guided by the captain. Fish in the most abundant areas of the waters and enjoy the fish you catch while having it as a dinner dish prepared by the crew. You are generally provided with a boat with enough fuel for a day, 3 meals for a day, a private cabin and even some alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. Maldives fishing charter boats are arguably one of the best ways to enjoy fishing trips in Maldives.

    Featured Maldives fishing charter boats

    Maldives fishing season –  When to book a fishing holiday in Maldives

    The best thing about fishing in Maldives is that there is no off-season for it. However, there are particular seasons which are suited for fishing than others. The best Maldives fishing season is said to be from November to March. Some of the big fishes such as marlins, sailfish, wahoo and yellowfin tuna can be caught from January to April which is the north-east monsoons. Head in the right Maldives fishing season, and the result will be fruitful.

    Restrictions on fishing in Maldives

    Like other countries, there are some rules and regulations to ensure that the environment and the species living in it are protected and not misused. In some places like resorts, shoreline fishing is forbidden to protect the reef. Catching turtles, sharks, and other specific fishes are not allowed as they are protected by the government. Fishing from the reef has to be carried out after obtaining the necessary approvals from the particular island or resort. The use of guns, poison, and dynamite are strictly prohibited while fishing. All these are to protect the ecosystem which blooms underneath the ocean of Maldives. So its best advised that you clear out these details from your Guesthouse/Resort/Cruise before you set out for a safe fishing journey.

    Nevertheless, Maldives is a haven for fishing enthusiast due to its abundant reefs and aquatic marine life flourishing beneath the ocean. It is a place for both novice and expert fishers and with the help of a proper guide and suitable weather conditions along with the right gear, one of the best fishing experiences you will have.

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