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Maldives the perfect holiday destination for Christmas or even a summer vacation, is located on the equator, leading to be considered as a tropical country. Thus, throughout the year, the climate is hot in the Maldives. So what’s to worry? Get your beautiful tan in the white sandy beaches of the Maldives or take a round of snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives, for your dreamy Maldivian getaway. Apart from that, there are two monsoons in the tropical paradise, dry season (Northeast monsoon) and wet season (Southwest monsoon). However, even if the temperature barely differs during the two monsoons it is important to plan your holiday to Maldives after considering the best time to visit Maldives, for the best vacation.

Best time to visit Maldives weather wise

The best weather in Maldives is between November and April. The best time to visit Maldives on a budget is between May & July

Weather in Maldives in January

An excellent, one of the best weather in the Maldives is experienced in the January, beginning of a new year. With the second-highest hours of sunlight per month, in January the Maldives encounter a temperature around the mid-80s and warm water in the sea, with low rainfall. Henceforth, it is highly advised to holiday in the Maldives during the month of January to escape the winter in your home or for the New Year’s Eve. Limitless sunshine, fun watersports and hot baths in the sea, make sure to book early for holidays in the January, as the demand is very high and there is a high chance of your desired stay to be fully booked too! Ealry booking = risk-free!

Maldives Weather February

Followed by unlimited sunshine and sunny days, the weather in February is also relatively similar to weather in January. As the temperature stays alike as in January, the sunshine hours increases in the month of February, in the Maldives. Likewise, the rainfall amount decreases. Just like in January, in February even the Maldives resorts are high in demand, as the Valentine’s Day is ought to come in the February. Therefore, it is recommended to book your Maldives tour packages as early as possible as the Maldives is one of the best romantic destinations around the world. Celebrate the V-day with the love of your life with our Valentine’s Day Holiday Packages, a dinner in a private island under the starry sky or surprise them with rose petals all around the room. How romantic!

Maldives Weather March

Considered as one of the months in the peak season of the Maldives, the weather in March is also close to the Maldives weather in January and February. Mid-80s temperature throughout the month, with a little higher humidity you are expected to feel little chills in March. Thus, bear in your mind to bring some airy clothes if you are visiting the heavenly Maldives during March. Furthermore, deals in March is also super attractive and pleasurable with the fun, thrill-driven watersports for adrenaline junkies. Jet-ski ride for the first time? The ride with bumpy waves, yet with unforgettable moments witnessing the beauty of the Maldives, it would definitely hit your adrenaline rush, hard!

Weather in Maldives in April

After the hot, bright, sunny days, the wet season begins in the April, 4th month of the year. Wet season begins = more rainfall. The rainfall amount is almost double of the March in April, as there is more recurrent showers of rain. However, these showers pass as soon as they come, mostly. Even in the month of low season, the humidity and temperature of the Maldives is still high as in January, February and March. Even if the low season begins in the April, there are many good deals with lower prices, which could be undoubtedly suitable if you wouldn’t do an island tour in the Maldives. Thus, little showers in the city, Male’ is barely doubted to stop enjoying the city life!

Weather in Maldives in May

May can be considered as those super duper wet months of the year. With average rainfall days of 14.3 days, in May rainfall days is the highest, after the month of October. Compared to the month of April, the sunshine hours has dropped from 8.2 hours to 7.2 hours in the month of May. Hence, if you do not mind the rain, and enjoy some cold breezes, May could be utterly perfect, with cheap prices available. Furthermore, average high temperature in May is 31 degree Celsius, whereas average low temperature is 26.2 degree Celsius. Want to enjoy some hot yet, wet days? Then, the month of May is perfect!

Weather in Maldives in June

Followed by a wet month, May, June is also rainy. As a month of off-peak season, June has an average high temperature of 30.5 degree Celsius, lower than May. Likewise, the rainfall hours drop in the month of June, compared to May, thus you are likely to enjoy more sunshine during a holiday in the month of June. Hence, with drizzles of rain during day time while you take a swim in your infinity pool or the magnificent Indian Ocean, would not it be amazing? A swim during rainy days, sounds great! Similarly, the resorts of the Maldives are also packed with entertainment, on rainy days too!

Weather in Maldives in July

Do you love those days when the hot, sunny weather suddenly changes to a bit of rainfall soothing your dry throats with a bit of rain drops? Expect the July month in Maldives exactly to be the same! With less rainfall hours than June, July month is undoubtedly awesome for a getaway. As you get to enjoy the tropical the rain, the sunshine hours is 7.3 hours, in average. Henceforth, take your adrenaline rushes to spike with the Jet Ski rides in the Indian Ocean or enjoy some tan time while sipping on a fresh coconut! How satisfying would that be!

Weather in Maldives in August

With a higher rainfall than in July, the August month has higher humidity level too. Also, the average high temperature in August is 30.2 Degree Celsius, hence you could definitely have some tans if you visit Maldives during this time of the year. With regard to this, the sunshine hours in August is lower than the July, henceforth don’t you think it is going to be great with some cold chills? I bet it would be! As one of the best months of off-season, August could be the month for you to visit with your family to Maldives, for the greatest family holiday ever! The resorts and guesthouses will offer great deals during August as well. Pack your bags and come to the tropical paradise, of course, along with your little ones!

Maldives Weather September

Followed by the month of August, September is full of surprises too! As the month with the highest expected rainfall, September could be great if you love those cool nights and some tropical rain! Likewise, the sunshine hours is lower in September than in August, but do not worry! It is absolutely magical to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives when it rains too! 100% magical. Furthermore, the average high temperature is 30 degree Celsius in September, lower than August, again. Duly note, during the month of September, great value deals are to be offered by resorts and guesthouses in Maldives. Do not miss the chance!

Weather in Maldives in October

Another off-peak month with a slightly lower rainfall than September, the sea temperatures are warm. The hours of sunshine is widely higher than the previous month, from 6.7 hours to 7.6 hours. Thus, with a little bit of rain and more sunny mornings, weather in Maldives in October is perfect for that dreamy sunrise with your love. It definitely would be! Furthermore, as the sun shines and you get to admire the beautiful day, it would be great for a fishing trip! Up for it? Count me in! Similarly, the average high temperature in October is similar to September, 30 degree Celsius. A tanned skin, filled with absolute Maldivian bliss.

Weather in Maldives in November

The average high temperature in November is slightly higher than October, 30.1 degree Celsius. However, the rainfall is lower in November than in October, making it undoubtedly ideal to visit the Maldives during this time too! Hence, is it expected to be sunnier with a bright sky, in November. Moreover, average sunshine hours of 7.5 is in November, making it dearly great for great holiday deals in the tropical paradise, before the peak season! Hence, during November you can be tied up with great watersports and memorable nights in the Maldives. No time of the year is exceptional in Maldives for a memorable vacation!

Weather in Maldives in December

That time of the year huh? The time for Christmas! As the peak season starts in the Maldives in December, the vacations are pricey too! As far as the weather is concerned, rainfall is pretty high during December, but it is expected to be cleared before the Christmas celebration begins! Deadly perfect, right? Likewise, sunshine hours in December is lower than November, thus expect a little bit of rain, but make sure to enjoy it too because rain never disappoints you in the Maldives. Under the palm, feeling the cold rain drops it is so soothing and fun! A swim during rain? Rain+sea= perfect combo!

Similar to previous weather statistics, the highest temperature in December is lower than November, falling from 30.1 degree Celsius to 29.9 degree Celsius. Thus, without being the Christmas holiday too hot to explore, the weather is great!

Maldives, tropical heaven with the world famous luxury resorts and budget friendly resorts and guesthouses, each and every visitor is greeted with open arms, for a great experience. Hence, as the best time to visit Maldives fall between November to April, the cheapest is September and November with great deals. If you are seeking for a budget vacation in Maldives, then the off-season is the best time for your holiday with great value offers in Maldives. Despite all, you are the writer of your story, hence you decide! Choose the month with the best weather for you, for your heavenly vacation in Maldives! Hope to see you!

To check Maldives weather yesterday, visit Maldives Meteorological Service

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