Planning to getting married in the Maldives?

Find the perfect Maldives wedding venues for your Maldives beach wedding

Surely, there are a few questions spiraling around your head. Are there good Maldives wedding venues? If so what are the best places to get married in Maldives? Is there special “Maldives wedding packages” and the price of these Maldives wedding packages for the two of you? And, is it even legal to get married in Maldives?

To answer the most important question, no, it is not legal for non-citizen of Maldives to get married in the country. But don’t be disappointed just yet and stop reading this. To answer the other questions, yes, there are numerous Maldives wedding destinations including Maldives wedding resorts and yes, there are lots of varieties of Maldives wedding packages including Maldives wedding photoshoot packages to capture every bit of the magical day.

If you are a bit confused about Maldives hosting wedding destinations and Maldives wedding packages when it’s not technically legal, bear with us and let us clear things up for you. The experience that you will be getting in Maldives is more of a celebration or a “wedding-moon” if you may call it that.

You can still experience the joy of being next to the bride or groom, all dressed up, enjoying the beautiful setting of the beach, accompanied by the setting sun brightly coloring the sign while putting the ring on the finger to mark the beginning of a forever. It’s just as special.

Best Maldives wedding venues for getting married in the Maldives

To name some of the best wedding venues in Maldives, Kihaa Maldives (a baa atoll vow renewal event venue), Lily Beach Maldives, Kurumba Maldives and Four Seasons resort are a few places that are advisable for you to look in to. These Maldives wedding venues allow you to experience one of the most important days in your life in the blessing of the natural surroundings of the tropical Maldivian islands, and offers you a magical experience will certainly be engraved into your memory.

Along with gorgeous Maldives wedding venues, the Maldives wedding packages offered by these Maldives wedding resorts adds a little bit of spark and excitement to your wedding in Maldives. From Maldives wedding packages all inclusive of  your needs, these Maldives wedding resorts have ready-made plans that you might be delighted with, along with on-call wedding specialists to plan your perfect day.

One thing is for certain, these Maldives wedding venues and the Maldives wedding packages that come along with the gorgeous wedding decorations will surely fulfill your desires and exceed your expectations.

Enquire about Wedding in Maldives

If you are thinking of getting married in the Maldives, we can assist you plan your dream Maldives beach wedding at the best romantic resort for renewal of vows Maldives. We can custom design a Maldives wedding package to the best Maldives wedding venues. Contact us to find the best place to get married in Maldives.



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