Looking for Maldives guest houses? Browse our selection of the best budget accommodation in Maldives and book your Maldives bed and breakfast holidays for an adventurous Maldives holiday

Staying in a Maldives bed and breakfast in the gorgeous local islands in Maldives is a great way to experience an Indian Ocean beach holiday without spending a whole lot of money on your beach holiday. Maldives guest houses are an alternative to spending a night in the Maldives resorts, which tends to be quite costly, while getting the taste of the natural stunning beauty of Maldives along with a hint of local life.

You can say that the Maldives guest houses is an underrated blessing which allows you to experience the beauty of Maldives on a Budget.

Can you really do cheap holidays to Maldives bed and breakfast?

Absolutely! Book your holiday to Maldives at one of the guest houses listed below.

There are now more than 400 guest houses in Maldives, offering cheap bed and breakfast in Maldives.  Most of these Maldives bed and breakfast guest houses have been opened in the past two years. Maldives guest houses far outnumber the 120 odd private island resorts in Maldives.

Have you been dreaming of the world famous Maldives water villa packages , over-water bungalows and white sandy beaches and feeling the disappointment seeing the the Maldives resort prices? Don’t be! Now you can easily spend a week-long holidays in Maldives for less than the price of a night at a Maldives luxury accommodation by staying in a cheap bed and breakfast Maldives.

Whether you are planning to solo travel to Maldives, or you want to come to Maldives for your honeymoon, guest houses in Maldives will be the perfect choice of accommodation for visitors to enjoy the beauty of this country without spending thousands of dollars.

A unique experience in each Maldives bed and breakfast

There are quite a lot of cheap bed and breakfast in Maldives for you to choose from. If you look at the Maldives guest houses list on TripAdvisor or most of the other places on the internet, you will find that guesthouses in Maafushi and Maldives guest houses in Thulusdhoo boasts some of the best bed and breakfast in Maldives . Each Maldives guesthouse is unique and has its own set of perks.

Some might offer easy transportation while others might host a good diving spot. If you are a fan of the waves Thulusdhoo Maldives offers some best surfing spots. While each guesthouse is special in its own way, we can assure you that each of these islands is a tranquil place where you can wiggle your toes happily in the sand and enjoy a pure Maldivian guest house goliday.

What can you experience in a Maldives bed and breakfast?

There are a lot of experiences that you can have in a guest house in  Maldives.

For your stay options, each island features a wide range of accommodation options with each Maldives guesthouse varying in price and rates. Yes, unlike the resorts they may not provide fancy water villas stilted above the water. But you can enjoy quite a wonderful accommodation experience with the top-notch services and amenities provided, along with a stunning view of the seaside.

Of course, great stay options are not the only thing that you can enjoy in a Maldives guesthouse. You can explore the local restaurants and try out diverse dishes, enjoy various water sports, diving, snorkeling, surfing, go on fishing trips, day trips to resorts, and even visit sandbanks. Unlike the resorts, you can even observe the Maldivian culture up close.

To put it short and sweet, these affordable holiday homes in Maldives offers various and unique experiences for you to enjoy along with quality accommodations.

If the guest houses in Maldives you’re looking for is not in this list of cheap accommodations in Maldives, don’t worry! Just mention your preferred Maldives guest houses when you fill in the form and we will design cheap holidays to Maldives bed and breakfast to meet your requirements. Whether you are looking for Airbnb Maldives, Male guest houses, Liberty guest house Maldives, Velana Beach Maldives guest house, Madi Finolhu guest house Maldives or Maafushi guest house Maldives, we will get you the best bed and breakfast in Maldives!

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