There are specific boxes that have to be ticked when buying Maldives property for sale, and Maldives luxury villas for sale ticks them all. Privacy and luxury, combined with tropical thrills and modern amenities, make Maldives houses for sale the ideal investment in Maldives real estate.  From secluded Maldives villas for sale nestled over the emerald waters of the turquoise lagoon, to the luxury villas for sale in Maldives that provides a beach city life experience, your options are diverse.

If you are looking to buy villa in Maldives reputed resorts such as Soneva Jani or searching for Maldives homes for sale, Maldives provides you with a handful of real estate options in the most exotic and awe-inspiring settings.

Luxury Villas for Sale in Maldives – Best Maldives property for sale

Lavish and luxurious, complimented with tropical blessings. Luxury villas for sale in Maldives provides a stunning environment that lets you indulge in tranquility, but also features the qualities of a thrilling exotic island getaway experience. With gorgeous Maldives villas for sale,  hidden in the bountiful gardens, scattered around the white sandy beaches, and stilted above the turquoise lagoon, investing in Maldives real estate for sale lets you live in a tropical island dream.

Luxury villas for sale in Maldives is the ultimate purchase for a getaway holiday property or those looking to buy home in Maldives. Imagine private pools overlooking sunsets, spacious bedrooms with ocean views, backdropped by the privacy of a one island one resort in Maldives. Your private Maldives holiday home in 5*luxury resorts lets you indulge in island bliss while being pampered with lavish amenities of what makes Maldives Villas for sale such an exceptional luxury real estate investment for those looking to buy house in Maldives.

Maldives property for sale

Of course, your Maldives Real Estate is not only limited to the luxury villas for sale in Maldives resorts. Perhaps a lavish city life with shopping, exquisite food, and modern amenities might suite you. Buy Maldives property for sale Hulhumale’ and it will allow you the privilege of including the tropical island essence while also giving you the experience of city life.

Experience beach side accommodations by investing in Maldives houses for sale  that give you a laid-back vibe, perfect for a Maldives holiday home for those looking to buy house in Maldives, while also delivering the necessities for modern living. If Maldives property for sale in resorts are not your cup of tea, then buy Maldives houses for sale from one of the  luxury apartments in HulhuMale – a desirable first step to secure property for sale Maldives.

Benefits of buying luxury villas for sale in Maldives – Why it ticks all the boxes for real estate.

Certain requirements must be met to make a property worth for real estate investment. The luxury villas for sale in Maldives ticks them all.

Uniqueness and exclusivity

A unique property is always a worthy real estate investment, and the luxury villas for sale in Maldives sets this bar high. Exclusive Maldives villas for sale combined with “one island one resort” concept make up for a remote and exclusive holiday home in Maldives.

Top villas for sale in Maldives like the Soneva Jani villas offer water villas equipped with slides, glass floors, and overwater hammocks. It is lavish and exceptional as you would expect from a luxury real estate, but also adds an element of ingenuity and unique twist to it. These elements are exactly the reason why Maldives villas for sale lets you indulge in a unique tropical getaway experience. Remember, when you buy house in Maldives, you are purchasing a lifestyle as well.

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    Luxurious Amenities

    Luxury villas for sale in Maldives boasts with luxurious amenities that effortlessly complement a tropical island home experience. Looking at the Maldives villas for sale themselves, when you buy house in Maldives you have private pools, outdoor showers, master bedrooms with ocean views, spacious kitchens for hosting, and state-of-the-art wine cellars for holiday indulgence.

    Glancing over to amenities available from Maldives villas for sale, we have water sports, land sports, excursions, and everything exciting about a tropical island holiday getaway. If we are looking at Maldives property for sale or  Maldives real estate luxury properties in cities such as Hulhumale, you get the experience of shopping and exploring restaurants along with city privileges. The options available to people looking to buy villa in Maldives are diverse and deliver something for everyone, making the luxury villas for sale in Maldives an accessible international real estate choice .

    Natural Environment

    No matter how lavish the rooms are or how luxurious amenities are, a luxury real estate is not complete without a stunning natural environment. Well, for starters, Maldives is known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. A destination that is in every traveler’s bucket list.

    Maldives villas for sale in the tropical isles of Maldives is second to none other when it comes to stunning tropical beauty. We are talking about Maldives villas for sale nestled in the gardens, edged on the shore, and perched above the azure water. Imagine waking up to the waves and heading out to the palm-fringed beach for a morning yoga/exercise session. Simply priceless!

    Privacy and Seclusion

    A holiday home should be private, tranquil, and away from the daily hassles and busy streets of the city. You could say the luxury villas for sale in Maldives portrays the highest form of these qualities. Buy house in Maldives and the only sounds you will be hearing are the overlapping waves, the rustling palm trees, and the sweet melodies of silence.

    The one island one resort concept also means that you will be blessed with the utmost privacy. With the secluded Maldives villas for sale at the edge of the beach or in the middle of the lagoon, Maldives real estate provides privacy and seclusion effortlessly.


    Most of the Maldives real estate properties and luxury villas for sale in Maldives are separated by the Ocean, resulting in exclusive and exciting transfer options. Cross the sea with a speedboat or flyover the picturesque atolls with a scenic seaplane ride. Both transfers come with either a public or private option. Some Maldives villas for sale even offers more exclusive transfer choices. Perhaps a yacht would be preferable to access your home in Maldives.

    If you are looking to buy house in Maldives, then we recommend you to buy luxury villas for sale in Maldives as your first step to Maldives real estate investment.

    Maldives Private Villa Price

    Whether you want to buy house in Maldives to live the tropical dream or take advantage of the popular holiday destination full of promising potential by purchasing Maldives villas for sale, the luxury villas Maldives will undoubtedly grant you the lavish lifestyle you always wished for. It’s an investment worth every penny that baffles you with breath taking luxury over the bountiful Indian Ocean, and a high-demand one at that.

    Fortunately, the collection of Maldives Private Villas and Maldives Luxury Villas are numerous, meaning flexibility and a vast selection of different Maldives Private Villa prices available to choose from.

    The Maldives luxury villa in private island is without a doubt among the most popular option for those looking to buy house in Maldives. Prospective buyers can choose from a range of 1-bedroom to 8-bedroom villas in Maldives.

    If you are looking to go simple and buy a luxury holiday home in Maldives just for you, a 1-bedroom villa starts from USD 1,800,000 and bumps all the way up to USD 3,500,00 for the most luxurious of Maldives properties. For those looking for something bigger, for perhaps a blissful family getaway in Maldives, a 3-bedroom Maldives private villa price equipped with a private pool is around USD 4,500,000. Of course, you also have the grandest and most luxurious Maldives real estate options such as enormous 10-bedroom villas. The expected price range is from USD 15,000,000.

    Owning a Maldives private villa comes with its own merits and quirks that make these luxurious properties a worthwhile investment. These include getting exclusive benefits like the discount from meal plans, alcohol beverages, and transfers from all the properties across the hotel chain. While these advantages are certainly intriguing and attractive, perhaps the biggest benefits that will entice the potential buyers would be the attractive ROI for Maldives villas for sale.

    Maldives luxury villas for sale are known for offering valuable returns on investments. Owners can expect a strong cash yield of 3 – 4% (depending on the high and low seasons) while they are away, along with excellent income sharing and villa rental programs offered by the resorts. The Baa Atoll, a Maldives UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of the best areas to invest in luxury villas Maldives, offering high rental yields of 6.1% due to its sheer natural diversity and beauty that attracts many around the globe.

    Maldives villas for sale are certainly exquisite in terms of luxury, privacy, and real estate investment benefits they offer. However, if you have the means to invest beyond a Maldives luxury villa, then setting your sights to buy island in Maldives might be the most beneficial option for purchasing Maldives Real Estate.

    Buy island in Maldives

    Purchasing islands for sale in Maldives will certainly be a prestigious investment as the tropics of Maldives is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations for couples, honeymooners, and families. Offering a laid-back relaxing paced getaway with plenty to do, a Maldives island for sale comes with the seclusion of the Indian Ocean, only reachable through a scenic seaplane or speedboat transfer from the airport. There are plenty of merits you get when you choose to buy island in Maldives instead of a single Maldives villa for sale.

    If you choose to buy a private resort island for sale in Maldives, you will not only take ownership of the multiple villas spread across the stunning island, but also the other public spaces and luxurious amenities that come along with it. This includes the exquisite several dining venues to host grand gatherings, world-class spas, gyms, meeting rooms, and even an exclusive kids club.

    What’s more, opting to purchase an island for sale in Maldives also blesses you free hectares of virgin lands capable of building new accommodation with concepts already available. You also have the option of a Maldives Island for sale with an airport, which offers an excellent return on investment with the airport being located on the same island as the resort. Ever dream of building a resort on a private island with an airport? Here is the chance to fulfill those dreams by choosing to buy island in Maldives for an exclusive tropical holiday retreat amidst the beautiful Indian Ocean.

    How to Buy Island in Maldives

    The idea of investing in a Maldives island for sale might seem overwhelming at first especially to foreign investors and those new to Maldives. It is important to understand the legal requirements before making the big move. Our experts make it feasible to search for the specific Maldives island for sale according to your requirements. So, the first step is to submit your request via our inquiry form to look for suitable islands for sale in maldives.

    Island for sale in Maldives are rare gems and a prestigious opportunity to invest that won’t stay too long in the Maldives Real Estate Market due to its high demand. Choosing to buy island in Maldives is without a doubt rewarding as it’s the option that comes with the most benefits for a personal, private, and exclusive holiday in Maldives.

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