Want to escape to a tropical bliss on the pristine sandy isles of the Maldives? If you are flying to Maldives from US, here is everything you need to know about getting to the Maldives from US.

Traveling to the Maldives from the USA and finding how to get to the Maldives from the US could be a challenge as there are no direct routes available to travel to Maldives from USA. Hence the flights are long and costly. You might be wondering how long to fly to Maldives from US. While travel time to Maldives from US can average more than 20 hours, it all differs from the location you are in the USA.

How do you get to the Maldives from the US

Flying from Los Angeles to Maldives

If you are traveling from Los Angeles, the cheapest and fastest options are the flights with one stop in between. For a return flight from economy class, the price ranges from USD 900 to USD 2000, with the average being no more than USD1500.

Some of the routes for a one-stop flight to Maldives from Los Angeles are Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, HongKong, Zurich, Abu Dhabi. The whole trip from Los Angeles International Airport to Velana International Aiport of Maldives can take about 23 hours to 35 hours, with the average being about 29 to 30 hours for the whole trip to Maldives.

Doha by Qatar Airways, Istanbul by Turkish Airlines, and Dubai by Emirates are some of the most readily available and convenient routes that you can take. The Hong Kong route is one of the cheapest stops available with a cost of less than USD 1000 (return ticket, Economy class). If you are prioritizing minimal duration, the Zurich stop by Swiss Airways is one of the fastest routes taking 23hrs of travel time to Maldives from US for the entirety of the trip to Maldives from USA.

Of course, you also have two-stop options that run to New York and then to Doha or Dubai. However, we recommend the ones with a single stopover as they are usually the cheapest and fastest way to travel to Maldives from Los Angeles.

How to travel from NYC to Maldives – Flying from New York to Maldives

Are you looking to travel from NYC to Maldives ? Well, there are multiple flight options with various routes available from New York to Maldives. The average return flight ticket costs about USD 950 to USD 1500 in economy class, while the travel time to Maldives from US can range from 18hrs to 28hrs. Of course, it all depends on the airline and the route taken to reach Maldives.

Getting to the Maldives from US  via Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, and Moscow are available from New York. If you prefer cheap options, then you should opt for the Moscow route provided by Aeroflot. In January, you can go as low as USD 944 for a return ticket in economy class. The whole trip will take about 28hours.

If you are looking for a short travel time to Maldives from US, you might prefer the Dubai Route via the Emirates flight. The trip will take approximately 18hrs with a 1hr 30mins stopover in between. You can find Dubai routes via Emirates for around USD 1600 (return flight ticket, economy class)in January. There are non stop flights running from Dubai to Male’, Maldives, making the option a suitable one of you are looking to travel from New York.

Another ideal route for getting to Maldives from US is via Doha by Qatar Airways. This route to Maldives is usually cheaper than the emirates one but takes about an hour longer. For approximately USD 1000, return tickets from New York to Maldives via Dubai are available in economy class in January and the travel time to Maldives from US  is about 19hrs 30mins.

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    Best way to fly to Maldives from US

    Well, your options on how to get to the Maldives from the US, but they all have their merits and cons. Let’s take a look at one of the cheapest ways to travel to Maldives from US with a flight through Hong Kong. While the prices are quite appealing, the bustling city is usually busy and hectic. If this does not appeal to you, we suggest you take a look at the similar alternate route via Singapore.

    You may also see the route stop to London and then Male’, Maldives. Perhaps you are in New York, and the option is open to you from Qatar or British airways. Keep in mind that Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Hence, your experience might not be the smoothest one.

    We would recommend you choose one of the Middle Eastern flight routes when traveling from the US to the Maldives. In terms of cost, travel time to Maldives from US, and services, it’s the best way to travel to Maldives from United States. There are three good options readily available to you. Dubai via Emirates, Doha via Qatar, and Abu Dhabi via Etihad airways. Three of the airlines are exceptional choices. Emirates provides a generous luggage allowance, good food, and entertainment, while Qatar Airways is reputed to be the best if you are planning to travel in business class.

    Not only will you have one of the best experiences getting to Maldives via these routes, but these destinations are also perfect if you are planning on a several day stops. The only catch is that these destinations can be a little too hot for some of you during certain periods. The most popular stop is Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi. It’s the more touristy destination with lots for you to explore and do. However, Doha is by no means without its fair share of rich experiences either with grand mosques and markets. If you don’t mind the lack of tourist attractions, shopping centers, as well as do not expect any stopover facilities, the Doha route via Qatar will be the best and the cheaper option for you.

    Since there are no direct routes to get to Maldives from US,  the best route to Maldives depends on your home city in US and travel time to Maldives from US  are usually lengthy, lasting an average of 20hours with one-stop. However, this does not mean that you lack options, Emirates, Turkish, Aeroflot, Qatar are some of the airlines operating alternate routes to the Maldives. For about USD 1000, your choices for a return flight to Maldives from US in economy class are diverse.

    Yes, the journey to Maldives from USA is by no means short, but the experience of a Maldives vacation is priceless!


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