Maldives offers superb child friendly resorts; from luxury to budget friendly.

Maldives is deemed to be a destination for couple and honeymooners with its romantic atmosphere and adult-only resorts by most guests around the world. While this statement is not factually incorrect, Maldives is also a great place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience with your family at one of the Maldives family resort.

With the introduction of numerous Family resorts in Maldives you are provided with multiple options to choose from for a family vacation in Maldives. These Maldives child friendly resorts host multiple sports and activities and stay options for both you and your children to enjoy while enabling you to spend some quality family time.

After all, why should your children and loved ones be excluded from the thrilling and awe-inspiring experiences of Maldives.

Maldives child friendly resorts – choice of water bungalows & beach bungalows

Maldives family resorts offer an array of bungalows and reserves for you and your family to enjoy a tranquil holiday in Maldives, from family villas hidden in the lush tropical gardens of the resort to the family bungalows placed on the beach side.

Enjoy comfort and a luxurious experience exclusively tailored for you and your family. The 2 to 3 bedroom villas offer separate rooms for you and your children to enjoy your personal space, while the spacious living areas along with the deck and verandas are perfect for family gatherings. There are even family resorts in Maldives that offer ocean bungalows for families along with stunning views of the ocean and horizon.

There is one aspect that is common in each and every bungalow and villas of these Maldives resort for family. The absolute serene atmosphere provided by a Maldives family resort, away from the daily distractions of life, so that you may spend some quality time with your family and strengthen your bonds.

Experiences exclusively designed for Kids

Along with the family friendly villas of these Maldives family resorts comes the other facilities and amenities exclusive for the little adventurers, from Kid’s menu in restaurants to swimming pool build specially for children. However, the ones considered as the best Maldives resort for family offers a sanctuary for the kids in the form of a club specialized for children. The Kids Club of the family resorts in Maldives.

These kids club offers various activities for kids to enjoy and keep themselves busy during the day. Painting classes, treasure hunts, adventures playgrounds, cooking lessons, Zumba, and most importantly, ice cream! There won’t be a chance for your kids to bring up the “I’m Bored.” complain as they are free to explore the remarkable adventures of the Maldives family resort, guided by the watchful eyes of the dutiful staff. Babysitting services are also available in these family resorts in Maldives as well, allowing you to experience a hint of romance on your family getaway as well.

Adventure as a Family!

Go on snorkeling adventures and guided diving sessions so that you get to see your loved one getting astonished by the vibrant corals and exotic species of faunas which resides in them. Go on picnics to sand banks isolated in the middle of the ocean and enjoy smoked fish while laughing under the camp fire. See your child’s first experience of seeing a dolphin jump around and go water-skiing with your teenager. Experiences like these are exactly why the destinations considered the best Maldives resorts for families.

Spending time with your family will create memories that will last a life time, while also reinforcing the bond you already have with your loved ones. This is exactly what these Maldives family resorts aims to achieve by adding awe-inspiring moments to your family vacation in Maldives.

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