Top Maldives Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Top Maldives Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Eco-tourism = a rising form of tourism around the world, which captures the interest and attention of many travelers around the globe. By the book, eco-tourism is called as a type of tourism involving responsible travel to natural areas, conserving environment, and improving the well-being of the local people.

Adopted by the Maldives tourism, Eco-tourism in Maldives is growing widely as a number of Maldives resorts follows the principles of eco-friendly tourism such as building environmental and cultural awareness and respect and taking green measures such as use of plastic-free products as well. Furthermore, the Maldives government has established Single-use plastic ban from 1st June 2021, which farther implies the ethical and eco-conscious practices in Maldives, which enhances the growing trend and popularity of Maldives eco-friendly

What could be more luxurious than enjoying while caring the best for the environment? As you indulge in the sunshine, salty waters and white sandy beaches, if you want to travel eco-friendly, the eco-luxury resorts in Maldives are no less! With the utmost luxury and exquisite services on hand, caring for the environment is the most prominent goal of these holiday destinations in Maldives.

Six Senses Laamu

What’s the expression when a luxury paradise meets with sustainability? Perfection! Six Senses Laamu is a perfectly eco-conscious resort in Maldives accessible by both boat and plane from the Velana International Airport, Male’. Fulfilling the desires of your adventurous vibe, with the great comfortability and lush, the villas of Six Senses Laamu are definitely an adventure to get on! As one of the Maldives eco-friendly resorts, sustainable and earth-friendly measures are embraced by Six Senses Laamu.

As an eco-friendly traveler, you are most welcome to go on a Sustainability Tour in this eco-luxury resort, where you get a first-hand experience of innovation and experimentation in action in the resort’s Earth Lab. Apart from implementing the environmentally-friendly measures in the resort, to provide the benefit for the local community, thus by donating 97 water purification systems, Six Senses Laamu has given access to safe drinking water to 18,573 community members. Not only that, but also the resort’s marine team has identified and protected 500+ resident sea turtles and 135 resident manta rays and 10 million+ square feet of seagrass meadows are sheltered through the #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass campaign. Another green measure implemented by the resort is, declaring 5 voluntary marine protected areas across Laamu Atoll, in partnership with Laamu Atoll Council. Therefore, for an eco-traveler, Six Senses Laamu would be just perfect, where the environment and marine life is preserved and loved for generations to come.

Lux* South Ari Atoll Resort and Villas

In 2019, recognized as the eco-friendliest luxury resort in Maldives, Lux* South Ari Atoll Resort and Villas offers an elegant, graceful and luxurious experience for all those seeking a thrill down their spine. Only from a 25-minute seaplane ride from Male’, the exotic, lush resort offers a wide range of stay options with luxury and comfort.

Furthermore, as the eco-luxury resort is situated in a Marine Protected Area, they are surrounded by beautiful and magnificent wild life of the Indian Ocean, where there are 50 dive sites as well. What could be more beautiful and memorable than enjoying the sight of manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins swimming around while you enjoy the lushly wonderful eco-resort. There are few amazing yet a once-in-a-lifetime experiences offered at Lux* South Ari Atoll Resort, an eco-conscious luxury resort in Maldives, such as going on a tour to meet Fernando, the giant whale shark along with his friends. Too excited already? But do not forget to bring your cameras while you hop on this thrilling, and adventurous adventure! Something more on-hand? Hop on the Maldivian wooden dhoni, and swim with the manta rays and discover more adventure such as shipwrecks and hidden caves. Up for more? Do not hesitate to book a night dive! Underwater during night, could be amazingly fun!

The earth-friendly practices in Maldives, at Lux* South Ari Atoll Resort are fighting for the climate change. These include planting corals with their very own marine biologist, having their own water plant which led to saving 810,000 plastic water bottles so far. Additionally, they have their own herbs garden and vegetable patch and have launched the world’s largest floating solar platform at sea. What could be more ethical and eco-friendly?

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Connect with the environment at Gili Lankanfushi Maldives! As one of the environmentally friendly holiday destinations in Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives moves forward to a zero-waste policy by encouraging tourists to live a more responsible lifestyle. Furthermore, not only motivating the tourists for a sustainable and eco-friendly living, but by adopting these measures at the resort itself, on daily basis, Gili Lankanfushi aims for a more beautiful world to live in, for generations.

Gili Veshi, Marine Biology Shack at the eco-friendly resort is the island’s main research center and center of the eco-friendly measures, as well as offering exquisite experiences for guests. As an eco-friendly measure, the marine biologist and assistant marine biologist, and other interns at the Gili Veshi monitors the reef surrounding Giili Lankanfushi in order to protect them. In order to monitor them, changes to the reef are tracked by many different methods and these charges are further interpreted. As more adventures for you, at Gili Lankanfushi as an awareness of the eco-tourism and eco-friendly measures, a presentation is offered twice a week about mantas and turtles at Gili Veshi and a guided snorkeling trip is offered with some educational time as well! Could it be any more fun? A snorkeling trip?

Additionally, with sustainability and eco-friendly in mind, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, uses sustainably-sourced palm wood, bamboo and other materials and the toiletries at the rooms are organic and totally re-fillable. Vacation at Gili Lankanfushi Maldives = eco-friendly trip!

Kuramathi Maldives

Located in AA. Atoll of Maldives, Kuramathi Maldives offers a Maldivian-indulging experience for its guests. Reached by either seaplane or speed boat, Kuramathi Maldives has something for everyone, be it a family or a couple on honeymoon. To preserve and protect the island, this exquisite eco-friendly resort in Maldives take plenty of measures.

Established in 1999, the Eco Center in Kuramathi Maldives was started with the initiative to understand the fragile eco system and how to protect it. Thus, led by a small team of professionals, the Eco Center takes part in offering an incredible experience in Maldives for its guests and making sure the guests are aware of the appropriate snorkeling behavior. Do not forget to follow the Dos and Don’ts while snorkeling! Apart from that, there are presentations carried out by the Eco Center at this Maldives eco-friendly resort about the marvelous underwater in both English and German. As more green measures ensuring to adopt earth-friendly lifestyle, a coral reef protection program is initiated including regular reef clean up and reef patrol. Save coral reef = Save marine life!

Additionally, for more thrilling adventures for your kids, at the Kuramathi Maldives, many Children’s programs are available. These programs outline importance of flora and fauna and more information on it! Moreover, exploring the beautiful marine life and underwater is available for 8 years and above. Get your kids signed up for this, they will definitely love a bit of thrill and adventures!

Constance Moofushi

Barefoot + white sandy beach = A walk to remember! Exquisite villas on the island, Constance Moofushi is a paradise for any traveler. Sunset cruising to Snorkeling, the surroundings of Constance Moofushi is an adventure! To adopt and execute eco-friendly measures in Maldives while ensuring the tourists are taken care of is no piece of cake, but at Constance Moofushi, both is primarily important.

Since 2013, at the Maldives eco-friendly resort an environmental sustainability program was initiated. Furthermore, as of now, Constance Moofushi is a Gold Member of the Green Globe Certification. To promote environmental awareness, the team members and guests are educated and ensured to be well-aware about the environmental issues and preservation of culture. A little culture appreciation and more of environment awareness could be just perfect type of awareness during a vacation, right? In addition to that, to reduce the waste of energy, thus to save energy at Constance Moofushi, the Maldives eco-conscious resort, they prefer energy-saving as well as energy-efficient devices and appliances. Apart from that, another measure taken in regards to move towards in an eco-friendly direction, bulk purchases are made in order reduce the wastage of packaging, whatever they do at Constance Moofushi, environment is taken into consideration. A desirable eco-friendly resort perhaps? Your next best eco-friendly destination in Maldives could be Constance Moofushi, with undeniably great comfort and luxury! Hop on the adventure, while you care for what’s around you!

Maldives, a world-class holiday destination which ends up on each and every traveler’s bucket list! Moving towards in an eco-conscious and earth-friendly direction, eco-tourism is emerging in the tourism industry worldwide, while Maldives resorts and local guesthouses are adopting aspects of eco-tourism. As the travelers become more aware and interested about the environment, they prefer the destinations where tourism is eco-friendly and managed with environment in mind.

Eco-travelers are more appreciative of the activities and excursions offered with an eco-friendly manner such as the vegetable are harvested in their own garden rather than procured far away and the villas built are constructed with sustainably obtained timber or wood/materials. Therefore, to keep up with the tourism market and industry, all the tourism providers are required to adopt these green measures in regards to managing, offering and providing a good experience for the tourists.

Maldives tourism providers, a numerous number of luxury eco-friendly resorts are widely executing eco-friendly measures and provide guests with endless fun eco-friendly adventures. The vacations at these eco-friendly resorts could just be what a perfect vacation needs, where you are ensured that your luxury would not be obtained in the risk of the environment. Whether you go on snorkeling, or sunset cruising, you could be guaranteed that all the excursions are taken with regards to low-wastage and efficiently, taking the environment and surrounding into consideration. Furthermore, the ban of single use plastic, which usually ends up in the ocean as well, could reduce a number of turtles which dies trapped by these as well as other marine creatures. Eco-friendly tourism moves toward a greener world, for generations to come and enjoy!

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